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First CERCLEAN® certificates awarded during Laundry Experience Event 2017!

In collaboration with CINET the Dutch Association for Textile Cleaners (NETEX) offers its members the CERCLEAN®-quality program. An internationally oriented and recognized program that supports companies in the creation of a quality management system based on best practices in textile cleaning, environmental regulations and ISO 9001.

Through self-explaining e-learning the program provides companies support in acquiring knowledge but also with formats and support to set up their own company-specific quality management system. Step by step, the system can be set up by using these materials.

Why quality management and certification?
Worldwide the interest in quality management in growing as a result of social, economic, technological and political developments. Distances between businesses and consumers / users have grown and with this the view on the origin and the performance of the products and services. Legislation and standardization put an increasingly heavy responsibility on parties and increasingly there are mandatory requirements.
If industries (want to) professionalize under this influence, the demand for quality management increases proportionally. This is also the case in professional textile cleaning.

First certificates in Netherlands
Some NETEX companies have participated in the pilot that has been done to test the CERCLEAN® program and make adjustments. At the Laundry Experience Event in 2017 these companies were the first to be internationally recognized with the CERCLEAN® certificate. These companies are:

  • Stomerij Van Kan (Leidschendam)
  • Stomerij-Wasserette (Clean Center Amsterdam)
  • Topcleaning B.V. Harderwijk (Harderwijk)
  • Stomerij Eindhoven BV (Eindhoven)

International CERCLEAN® Certification TC – TS
CINET is setting up International CERCLEAN® Certification worldwide by starting cooperation with the members. Teams of qualified and certified trainers and auditors are set up to support laundries and textile cleaners effectively and efficiently.