Textile Care Service “Business-Women” discus new Trend Theme

In a recent online meeting as part of the ” Business-Women” workshop series of EFIT – Europäische Forschungsvereinigung Innovative Textilpflege e.V. female entrepreneurs and managers in the textile services business dealt with various trend topics such as value creation re-measured! And how does that work?

The meeting was inspired by Claudia Brandstätter – managing director of the first Styrian trend office in Graz, Austria and author of a book with this title. Brandstätter explained that “leadership” is needed that is not based on hierarchical principles in the classic sense, but on cooperation that can be reduced to respect, thanks and appreciation. Apart from that, creativity is a valuable resource. According to Brandstätter, smart entrepreneurs should understand that appreciation and value creation are inseparably linked. A leadership that allows closeness and a human error culture is essential for the (further) development of economic business models.

Companies and executives have to provide orientation and make added value tangible. This cannot be done by digitization alone, but primarily through maintaining real relationships with employees, customers and partners. According to an essential element that sounds simple: to make other people and yourself happy. Such an attitude leads to appreciation, motivation and thus the desired, sustainable corporate success.