The environmental impact of textiles and the cost of reducing

The Boston Consulting Group has conducted a study on the supply chains with the highest CO2 impact. Not surprisingly, textiles are one of those chains. They have come up with a number of measures that can significantly reduce emissions and have estimated the costs of those measures. For the fashion industry, they estimate that 70% of the measures to limit CO2 emissions would cost less than €10 per tonne of CO2 and 25% of the measures would cost between €10 and € 100,– per ton.

Only 5% of the measures would cost more than € 100 per tonne avoided CO2 emissions. What are the measures then? Reducing overproduction would immediately generate money and reduce CO2 emissions. Using renewable energy for the production of synthetic fibers can also be done at low additional costs. And then textile recycling is a cost effective method to reduce CO2 emissions.

All in all, a good report that provides insight into the costs of sustainability. And they seem to work!

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