The idea behind the Global Best Practices Awards: why did CINET start the Awards?

The background

In line with our mission we felt it helpful to demonstrate good successful business practices to lead the way forward, to encourage speed of innovation and to value and recognise initiatives of entrepreneurs to deliver new services appreciated by their clients. The markets for professional textile care are changing rapidly. But offer exciting new opportunities for those who are focussing on these changes.

The value of participation

Participating is really the most important part, because it brings you to access the value of your services from the client perspective, from the stakeholders and certainly also from the employees perspective. Where is the added value, how can you improve your product quality and performance of services, options for cost reductions, motivation of employees, etc, etc. This leads to recognition of all the values professional textile services companies deliver. This recognition is making everybody involved proud to be part of that. It results in increases of turn over, sometimes to over 30% directly, improved profits, higher customer appreciation and TRUST.

Points to note as participants

For the presentation of the services and the company it starts with good preparation. Check the criteria, evaluate the key-issues and their importance and how you want to demonstrate these in the application file you deliver to the international jury. Keep in mind that there will be hundreds of people from different countries and nationalities with different customs and languages. So be clear about the things you want to explain.

For the Pitches this is even more important. Focus on visualisation and key aspects you want the jury to appreciate. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, hence preparation of visuals can express in a glance things you cannot explain in words.

This time we will also put forward one or two questions after the Pitch. It requires clear and  short answers to underline your message.

The deadlines

The international jury will consist of independent experts from some 20 countries, people from associations, trade magazines, research bodies, etc. They will be formally assigned especially for this task.

Closure date for applications of nominations is set for August 15 next! The evaluation process starts with a first selection based upon the send materials. By mid-September there will be a first selection meeting upon these materials. Those being selected will receive a confirmation by the end of September, some 4 weeks before the contest on October 21st next in Milan. All official registered applications will receive an invitation for the Award Ceremony.

The Award Categories

There are 3 categories:

  1. Retail Textile Cleaning SME (small and medium enterprises)
  2. Retail textile Cleaning BIG
  3. Industrial Textile Services.

In each Category there will be a Global Award for:

  • the Overall Winner
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability.

Furthermore there will be Country Awards for the highest scores per Country, for all participating countries (approx. 40 countries).

Additionally there will be:

  • a Lifetime Award
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

What are the benefits of winning the competition?

Full PR coverage by the world trade press, extensive messages by CINET, a Certificate for participation, of each award, a copy of the CINET Press Release (including picture), and for those making advantage of participation, selection as one of the world´s finest and the eventual Winners a lot of PR in their own country. During the last competition even Newspapers, Radio, TV and certainly Social Media reported intensively about the event.

On top of that: Winners reported substantial increases of their turnover as a result of their participation.

Last Note

The last event needed to be streamed because of Corona, however was followed by 26.000 industry professionals. This time of course we trust to see each other live in person. Also in case Corona would prevent the event to be organised live, CINET again will stream the event as we have done in 2020.