Understanding the value of clothing …

Soorty –  a major vertically integrated denim company in Pakistan – has recently partnered with Solomon Russel – founder of US-based Left Hand Twill, a company which aims at improving the fashion consumption model in the USA. The two partners intend to launch the ‘Own Your Denim’ collection.

Left Hand Twill (LHT) began as a vintage buying/selling company and has grown into a brand. Its objective is to reduce the textiles that are placed in landfills every year by offering an array of finely curated vintage denim and denim accessories. Both firms have worked together to test the possibility of used clothing as an alternative to fashion goods. They started to recreate selected pieces which were updated. Only the most responsible denim fabrics woven with sustainable fibres and using smart technologies were used and the patterns were updated for the modern wearer. In the end, each piece is attached with a special Solomon Russel poem emphasising the effort and value in each of the pieces in the collection.

Eda Dikmen – marketing and communications manager and Soorty states that “Own Your Denim” is about understanding the real value of clothing – the effort, labour and resources behind each item. Besides, becoming attached to garments will extend their product life cycle.