Washing textiles using only 0,5 litre fresh water per kg linen

Christeyns and Veride will bring a revolution in the Professional Textile Care industry (PTC) by launching  a technology to reduce fresh water consumption to an absolute minimum and provide process water of the best quality. This strategic joint venture between the international detergent supplier and international engineering company for environmental installations will bring innovation and will expand their geographic footprint.

In an era where linen is washed using water volumes ranging anywhere from 4 to 10 litres per kg linen in an industrial laundry setting, Veride and Christeyns have, in their own words, succeeded to reduce fresh water consumption with at least 80%. In combination with effective rainwater collection, their technology enables the reduction of fresh water consumption to only 0,5 litre per kg of linen.


Both Christeyns and Veride know the importance of sustainable water management within the PTC industry. Seeing the growing awareness and responsibility around water use and quality resulting in more and stricter effluent regulations that are coming into force in several European countries, they considered it an opportune time to review the water and wastewater management practices of their customers. With the HydRO-technology, they want to transform the PTC industry and play a vital role in decreasing the environmental impact of industrial washing and contribute in lower water-related costs and thus increasing the competitiveness of their customers.

Water management

“Empowering our customers to massively reduce their water consumption and effluent bills, to save energy and reduce their CO2 impact significantly, that’s what this partnership is all about”, Alain Bostoen (CEO Christeyns) says. “As water recycling presents a huge opportunity for the laundry industry, we need to redefine water management for sustainable growth”, he explains. “Veride, in their turn, wanted to expand their business and start offering environmental solutions for industrial laundries”. Ward De Wachter (CEO Veride ) continues, “And that is how Christeyns came into the picture with their water and energy saving washing concepts and in-depth knowledge of the international PTC market. They wanted to link Christeyns’ know-how and broad customer base with global top-class technology to achieve this goal”.

Modular system

Through collaboration, while still focusing on their own core capabilities, the joint venture will offer a modular system for water recovery, treatment and recycling, collecting polluted streams of wastewater from the washhouse to purify and reuse it. In short, a closed-loop water supply reclaiming at least 80% of the process water and transforming it into fresh water of the best quality for the wash process and boiler house with all substances such as micro-plastics, heavy metals and bacteria filtered out.

Plug & Play

This water-saving system is a plug-and-play solution delivered in container units customised to target wastewater quantity. The HydRO technology makes all additional treatment such as iron removal, softening, reverse osmosis and wastewater treatment obsolete. Moreover, a heat-exchanger also becomes redundant as the reclaimed water has a temperature of 40°C.

Under the brand of HydRO for laundries, this newly founded JV ‘HydRO Global Solution’ will leverage Veride’s 20 years of expertise in sustainable water management and engineering with Christeyns’ strong presence and international expertise in the PTC industry. This alliance will drive innovation and expansion into new markets. Veride and Christeyns co-own the brand, with each company having a 50% stake. The HydRO technology is now being implemented in over 10 industrial laundries in the BeNeLux with great success.