What makes them tick and …. stay with your company?

The labour force is getting younger and this demographic development presents companies with new challenges. Dry cleaners who do not adapt to this demographic certainty will find themselves in a cycle of hiring, losing and continuous recruiting personnel.  However, if entrepreneurs realize  what makes the new generations tick, their loyalty may create a bright future for both employee and employer!

Recently, Jennifer Whitmarsh –  a member of US-based drycleaning consulting firm The Route Pros –  spoke on this matter at a three-day series of virtual workshops sponsored by various American dry-cleaning institutes and associations. First of all – according to Whitmarsh – money is not the real issue why people decide to stay or leave a company. She believes that when someone joins your company, you should notice their milestones — and not forget them after they settle in. It could be a ‘thank you,’ sometimes a gift certificate … whatever it is, it is really being appreciated.

It appears that the main reasons why people decide to leave a company are lack of trust, unresolved issues or poor communication. A negative company culture could also drive them away. As  Whitmarsch sees it, much of a company’s culture comes down to how much leadership pays attention to their people and what they allow.