Young Professionals Get Together to Shape the Future of PTC

The Young Executive Professionals Exchange Program will continue in 2021 and 2022 with new hybrid sessions. Next week, the kick-off meeting of the program will take place in a virtual set-up.  It is shaping as a successful program with almost 30 like-minded YEPs from around the world. YEP Program’s main goals are personal development & networking (through personal encounters with other young professionals who want to develop a personal network), as well as working together for an industry-wise goal, in this case profiling SUSTAINABILITY as a key driver for PTC in reaching new market segments, new business models and new opportunities.

YEP Program. What’s in it for the participants?

  • Exchange information, know-how and practical experience especially amongst young promising Laundry managers and upcoming business owners in order to reach out to new market segments, new business models and new opportunities during and after Corona
  • Stimulate innovation by organizing hybrid (online and – where possible, taking into account the pandemic circumstances – offline) Master Class programs
  • International networking; set up personal contacts between the most promising young laundrypreneurs that represent their country, longtime industry experts and leading suppliers