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The most outstanding Russian PTC companies, awarded at The National Best Practices Awards in Moscow

The Russian National Best Practices Awards took place in the training center of Diana in Moscow on April 17th. The event was organized by The Russian Laundry & Drycleaning Association and CINET, as part of the pre-selections chapters in CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018.

The event was attended by a lot of visitors from different parts of Russia. There where 3 categories (Textile Service Industrial Laundry, Dry Cleaning Shops and Franchise Dry Cleaners). The high commitment to best practices was reflected by the fact that among the winners were  companies from four other towns, besides Moscow. Here is the complete list of the winners:

Textile Service Industrial Laundry category

Overall Best Practices: ARTEX SERVICE, Zheleznovodsk

Innovation: REQUEST SERVICE, Moscow

Sustainability: COTTON WAY, Moscow

Audience at The Russian National Best Practices Awards

Dry Cleaning Shops

Overall Best Practices: AJAKS, Moscow

Innovation: TAGILKHIMCHISTKA, Nizhny Tagil

Sustainability: BELOSNEZHKA, Severodvinsk

Mr. Leonid Bertsev (Left), the President of the Russian Laundry & Drycleaning Association, handling the diploma to AJAKS (Overall Best Practices at the “Dry Cleaning Shops” category)

Franchise Dry Cleaners category

Overall Best Practices: LOTOS, Ufa

Innovation: KHIMCHISTKA #1, Moscow

Sustainability: UFAKHIMCHISTKA, Ufa (Since 1943)

LOTOS won the Overall Best Practices Awards in the “Franchise Dry Cleaning” category

The Road to Milan

The GBPAP18 Final will bring together the most outstanding Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services companies from all over the world. They will showcase the capabilities of modern Professional Textile Care on October 18-19 in Milan, Italy, during ExpoDetergo 2018. An International Expert Jury with members from over 25 countries will evaluate 150 participating companies from 50 countries. The 40 nominees with the most outstanding profiles will deliver a presentation in front of the Jury and the audience on October, 19th event and therefore compete for the GBPAP 18 trophies.

Textile Cleaning and Textile Services companies from all over the world, committed to the best practices, are invited to join the competition and apply online.  The reply forms for Textile Cleaning companies (download here!) or the reply form for Textile Services companies (download here!) will have to be submitted to CINET Secretariat ( until June, 30th, 2018.

The GBPAP18 Program
The Global Best Practice Award Program stimulates the implementation of best practice measures, service aspects, marketing and quality of the professional textile care industry and will demonstrate its capabilities. It will provide a benchmark and platform for the new state of the art in modern professional textile care. The awards will be presented to the most sustainable and service oriented professional textile cleaning companies and industrial laundry/textile services companies with reference to standards in their own home country. The award emphasizes the focus of our industry towards new business models & services to end-users & clients, as well as for the environment and its people.

The GBPAP18 Final will take place at ExpoDetergo International Milan (October, 18-19, 2018)

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Expo Clean & Expo Laundry 2018

Final results Expo Clean & Expo Laundry 2018 (Indonesia)

Mr. Teddy Halim, the Director of Media Artha Sentosa, organiser of Expo Clean & Expo Laundry, can only conclude that the fair last month has been very successful. More than 180 exhibiting names from over 20 countries and regions around the world have welcomed 6.024 trade visitors from 24 countries in 3 days time. The development the show is going through, every year more content and programs to be added, is good. All partner associations put in their very best effort to enrich their members’ experience and knowledge. Demonstrations on the exhibit floor show the latest and most innovative solutions for the cleaning and laundry industry and programs are more diverse every time because of seminars, workshops and conferences organised at the fairground.

Next edition of Expo Clean & Expo Laundry will be held at the Jakarta International Expo, 11 to 13 of July 2019. Please keep updated at

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LOD cleaning startup Zipjet secures big investment

LOD cleaning startup Zipjet secures big investment (Germany)

Zipjet, the on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service, has announced a seven-figure investment from investors including Henkel Ventures and BSH Home Appliances Group. The news follows strong growth figures for Zipjet with revenue increasing 40% year-on-year. Zipjet is probably Europe’s leading on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service. Founded in 2014, the company today is active in Berlin, London and Paris. The fresh capital will be used for business and product development in Zipjet’s markets in London, Paris and Berlin, and extending the startup’s data science team as well as increasing the marketing budget.

Henkel Ventures is the investment arm of chemical and FMCG company Henkel. Home Appliances is Europe’s largest manufacturer of home appliances, including washing machines. The investment is the start of a strategic partnership with BSH taking up a position on Zipjet’s board and the group set to exchange market knowledge.

On its growth path Zipjet also acquired a London-based competitor in 2016 and a Paris-based competitor in 2017. Since the very beginning Zipjet has been backed by Rocket Internet.

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Lava e Leva expands its network of laundry by subscription facilities in Brazil

Lava e Leva expands its network of laundry by subscription facilities in Brazil

Lava e Leva is a pioneer in the service of laundry by subscription in Brazil. Its customers choose a monthly plan adapted to the needs of their houshold. The plans are defined based on family characteristics, quantity of washed clothes, or types of clothing. The first store was inaugurated in 2014 in Maringá, and since then the franchise network expanded rapidly across the country. Today there are 347 units with a turnover that is R $ 57 million in 2017.

The largest number of stores – 145 facilities – is in the state of São Paulo. According to the company, the goal is by the end of the year to reach 400 facilities all over the country. Lava e Leva also began its international expansion, opening recently two units in Paraguay.

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IMPro Hazebrouck offers training in laundry with professional equipment

IMPro Hazebrouck offers training in laundry with professional equipment (France)

Since January, IMPro Hazebrouck has a real industrial laundry with professional equipment. This new equipment makes it possible to offer training in real time situations in various professional sectors of the laundry industry. Apprentices with disabilities will be able to prepare their laundry CAP at IMPRO premises. The laundry works in partnership with the IME, the Balladen restaurant or the Depoorter High School.

During the presentation of the new industrial laundry facility, the visitors had the chance to follow presentations of the whole industrial laundry process, from sorting the linen, washing ironing, folding and packaging.

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The hospital laundry in Vichy will soon reach its full capacity

The hospital laundry in Vichy will soon reach its full capacity (France)

The inter-hospital laundry of Vichy cleans the linen of four establishments of Saone-et-Loire and awaits the additional activity for September. The laundry is washing more and more laundry at the hospital Vichy and is expected to reach soon full capacity. Since the beginning of the year, sheets, towels, professional clothes, textiles of the surgical activity and shirts allocated to patients arrive by truck from the hospitals of Paray-le-Monial and Charolles, and nursing homes of Digoin and Geugnon. These four establishments in Saône-et-Loire have joined the public interest group (GIP), which manages the laundry, to rent and have their textiles cleaned.

The laundry can handle up to 16 tons of laundry per business day and will reach almost its maximum production capacity this fall. Since 2015, it has been looking for additional quantities to lower the price per kg of linen per member.

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British households are using twice as much energy as needed for laundry

British households are using twice as much energy as needed for laundry (UK)

British households are using twice as much energy as needed for laundry, according to a research published by Ariel and the Energy Savings Trust. This is largely due to the fact that six in ten households are keeping their washing machines running at high 40C temperatures, using more than double the energy they need. That’s despite huge improvements by detergent makers to enable washing at cold temperatures.

The study concluded that if every household in the UK turned their washing from 40C to 30C for one year, it would save carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to powering 1,550 homes for an entire year. But, despite the obvious environmental benefits, one in five Brits have never considered turning the temperature down on their washing machine. Almost a third said that is because they don’t believe lower temperatures clean clothes properly and a quarter say it’s because it is the automatic setting on the washing machine.

The research by Ariel and the Energy Savings Trust is being released to encourage people to participate in WWF’s #PromiseForThePlanet campaign for Earth Hour. WWF is encouraging people to make small lifestyle changes, like using reusable coffee cups and turning down their washing to 30C.

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African Laundry Consortium promotes textile care in Africa

African Laundry Consortium promotes textile care in Africa

A pan-African collaboration under the name African Laundry Consortium has been set up to promote the craft of textile care in the continent. Water scarcity and hygiene conditions in African hospitals are some of the main issues the consortium aims at addressing.
The consortium is the initiative of specialized structures from Europe, America and Ivory Coast and it’s official launch took place on April 12, 2018, in Abidjan.

At the moment, members of the consortium are Horizon Equipements, Alliance Laundry Systems, Ataub Architectes and Les Pressings du Bien être. It is expected as a first step to promote the realization and the exploitation of an industrial facility of a capacity ranging from 2.5 to 8 tons of processed laundry per day. In due time, the members of the African Laundry Consortium are expected to sign another partnership agreement with the Association of Private Clinics of Côte d’Ivoire (APCI).

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Ellis SCADA control platform offers state of the art machine controls and user interface

Ellis SCADA control platform offers state of the art machine controls and user interface (USA)

ELLIS Corporation, an industry leader in laundry products and water systems, has launched  the SCADA control platform for industrial laundries. The SCADA control is available on the Ellis Side Loading washer extractors and offers excellent machine controls and user interface.

SCADA’s engineering and design technology, provides a modern-day, simple to navigate touchscreen interface. With a quick screen glance operators and plant management can precisely monitor, control, and visualize every aspect of the machine’s function. The control offers schematics, visual self-diagnostics, 1-2-3 and 4 level troubleshooting, preventative maintenance alarms, maintenance tracking, training videos, a complete digital manual, production reporting, a 24/7 remote access option and much, much more.


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The Martinizing Dry Cleaning Franchise to be launched in the UK in 2018

The Martinizing Dry Cleaning Franchise to be launched in the UK in 2018

The Martinizing Dry Cleaning Franchise is to be launched in the UK in 2018 by Shaf Govind who has been running the highly successful CRDN Franchise Network. The Martinizing Dry Cleaning Franchise has been especially successful in the US and it currently operates from over 600 locations, in eight countries. Martinizing facilities are offering services from both shops and mobile operations with collections to and from lockers on a drop off or on-demand basis.

The launch of the network in the UK is expected to cover not only shops units, but also the technology to handle home deliveries and lockers for remote drop off and collection.

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