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Winner’s of the India Best Practices Awards & First DLAI Convention

A new pre-selection chapter of The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020, the India Best Practices Awards took place in Mumbai, India today and yesterday (15 & 16 February), organized by CINET and DLAI (Dry cleaning and Laundry Association of India). The pitch presentations were organized before the first General Assembly of DLAI on 15 February. Subsequently the 16th of February was reserved for a full day of conference program. The afternoon was split up between RTC (Retail Textile Cleaning) and ITS (Industrial Textile Services) were CINET trainers gave a Master Class from the World of PTC Business School. The India Awards were organized in close cooperation with DLAI, many thanks to the DLAI team for the collaboration.

The nominees anxiously pitch their company in 5 minutes to an enthusiastic crowd


First-ever DLAI annual convention

The Annual Convention of DLAI on 16 February took place in the Courtyard by Marriot in Mumbai and hosted some 200-250 people. CINET contributed to the program with a key note speech on global trends and challenges, an introduction on the partnership of DLAI-CINET on the World of PTC Business School and CERCLEAN and lastly 2 Master Class training programs (one for ITS and one for RTC).


An interesting panel discussion with some of Indias most promissing entrepreneurs in the field of Retail Laundry Drycleaning


During the convention the strategic partnership between DLAI-CINET was presented once again, starting the collaboration for CERCLEAN certification across India and the World of PTC Business School


At the meeting, the new executive committee was presented to DLAI members that will take the lead thriving the association in 2020-2021

Winners RTC

After a tough evaluation on 15 February the India Overall Best Practices Award was won by Laundromania from the Mumbai region. Mercury Drycleaning achieved the Sustainability Award and the Innovation Award was granted to the impressive company ‘Laundrokart’. After receiving the India Overall Best Practices Award RTC, Laundromania representative will be invited to the GBPA2020 Final that will take place in Frankfurt, during Texcare International (June 19 & 20, travel and accommodation reimbursed by CINET). Trophies will be awarded for Innovation and Sustainability, as well.


Laundromania wins the Overall Best Practice Award for Retail Textile Cleaning by doing things the ‘Laundromania way’


In total 12 companies participated in the Awards program of which 9 were retail textile cleaning companies and 3 industrial textile services companies

Winners ITS

Within the ITS category it was Quick Clean that managed to win 2 awards, both the Innnovation award and the Overall Best Practices Award was granted to this outstanding company. The competition with Intensive Clothing Care Unit was extremely close on all fronts. Intensive Clothing Care Unit managed to perform slightly better in the field of sustainability which resulted in the Sustainability Award for this impressive rental company.


Quick Clean takes home the Innovation and Overall Best Practice Awards for the Industrial Textile Services category amongt others based on its innovative solutions for on-premise washing.



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Risk analyses – handling linen containing 2019-nCoV VIRUS, known as CORONAVIRUS

Many international laundry owners would like and should be prepared on answering questions that they will get form staff as well as from their customers. The report ends with literature

Objective: To answer most questions that could be asked related to virus disinfection and risk assessment.

Method: Describe the backgrounds of the outbreak and mechanism of how the virus the virus is spread – in order to be able to appreciate the basis of the risk assessment for commercial laundries.

Introduction and backgrounds: Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause illness ranging from the common cold –  to more severe diseases like SARS or MERS.  The new Corona virus – now known as 2019nCoV – is a new species that hasn’t been identified before in human beings. Corona viruses are transmitted between animals and people.  SARS has been transmitted from civet cats to humans, and MERS from dromedary camels to humans. Common signs of infection are : fever, cough and shortness of breath. In severe cases then infection can cause pneumonia, kidney failure and even death.

How does infection take place ?

The virus spreads from person to person by exposure to large respiratory droplets [from sneezing !] , by direct contact and airborne dispersal. The infection itself takes place in the respiratory tract.

Important to know: Viruses don’t have a mechanism to copy their RNA strain. And this is why they need our human cell to reproduce themselves.  A virus has keys on its surface that will dock onto the surface of human cells and release the RNA into them.  Cells that are present in our lungs have the “docking stations” [known as Ace2 receptors] and so it is that lung cells start to be infiltrated by the virus RNA material and these lung cells are no longer doing what they should be doing – making sure we can breathe.

The second photo illustrates that a newly made virion leaves the host cell and starts to look for more cells to break into.

What makes this particular new virus so dangerous is that the infected persons only start showing symptoms of being ill after as much as two weeks. But in the mean time they are already spreading the virus without notice.

All of the above illustrates that the virus needs a host cell in order to survive. 

Q1:  Is there any risk that infection takes place via fabric washing ?

The risk of getting infected in the linen transport chain + wash process is limited. Provided the laundry staff takes the standard hygienic precautions. See also below.

Q2:  What makes that the risk is very limited ?

As described earlier – viruses need a host cell to be able to “live”.

The life cycle of the Corona virus outside a host cell is very short and estimated to be less than 20 minutes.

This makes the chance of infection via linen extremely small since the transport time of the soiled linen will mostly take longer than 20 minutes.

Exception to this rule: Linen soiled with faeces might be infectious for up to 24 hours. Based on earlier experience with SARS Corona virus. 2)

Q3: Is this new virus killed /deactivated  in the wash processes that the laundry industry applies [In the theoretical event that such a virus is present in the soiled fabric] ?

Disinfection can be assured when such a wash process applied is in line with internationally approved standards.

  • Thermal disinfection – following time temperature rules
  • Chemo Thermal disinfection – applying approved / rubber stamped disinfection products and wash process
  • See also the hygiene chapters in CINET e-learning.

Note: The name of the new Corona virus – also known as Wuhan virus will be changed.  The  IDTV International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses will redefine this name in the second week of February 2020.


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Two suppliers joining forces: Inforum and CleanDrop – iGroop

The CleanDrop / Inforum partnership was signed on Thursday 19 December 2019 by David Berardozzi (Inforum) & David Espic (CleanDrop)

Both teams also met on in January 2020 to define an action plan to highlight the synergy between the two suppliers specialized in the dry cleaning profession. They will soon provide their customers with extra commercial offers and the possibility to manage CleanDrop’s connected lockers with the order process of GestiClean.

About Clean Drop 

CleanDrop is a French manufacturer of connected lockers for Dry cleaners & Laundries. The company has been bringing innovations in the textile care business for 10 years. The connected locker pioneer aims at making available 24/7 dry cleaning and laundry services. The CleanDrop kiosk is like a mailbox dedicated to laundry, and becomes your new physical and digital assistant available at any moment for your customers.

About Inforum

Inforum is a software editor specialized in Dry cleaning & Laundry. The company was created in 1992 and is now the French market leader with GestiClean, the software program specialized in dry cleaning shop management. Besides, Inforum offers complete software solutions for the textile care market, dry cleaners & laundries. Inforum equips small shops and also bigger organizations (franchises, chains), and other profiles as well, like shoe repair shops, concierge services.

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These are the Indian Awards Official Nominees + The Event’s brochure! The Indian Awards will take place in Mumbai (Feb, 15-16)

Several outstanding Indian showcases in Retail Textile Cleaning, Franchise and Industrial Textile Services, with a high focus on best practices have already submitted their registration forms (for free) in the Indian Best Practices Awards 2020. Among them, the Jury of the Indian Best Practices Awards has selected the 12 most extraordinary Official Nominations that will compete for the trophies in the ITS and RTC categories at the event that will take place in Mumbai (Feb 15-16).

The representatives of the Official Nominees were invited to provide the Indian Awards Jury with a 5 minutes pitch presentation, presenting their companies on Feb 15th (starting 16:00, at The Fern – an Ecotel Hotel, Goregaon, Mumbai, India.) On Sunday, Feb 16th, 2020 starting with 16:30 (Courtyard by Marriot Andheri East, Mumbai, India) the Winners of the Awards will be announced during The Official India Best Practice Awards Ceremony 2020.

The Indian Best Practices Awards 2020 Official  Nominees are:

  • In the Industrial Textile Services (ITS) segment:
  • In the Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) segment:

The Overall Best Practices Awards Winners in both categories will get a FREE TICKET to the GBPA2020 Final that will take place in Frankfurt, during Texcare International (June, 19-20, 2020, travel and accommodation reimbursed by CINET).

Good luck to the Indian Official Nominees!

More on the India Best Practices Convention, General Assembly DLAI, workshops & Awards 2020, on the Official Brochure – link here!

When the Laundrex 2020 show finishes on the 15th of February 2020, the first AGM (General Assembly) of DLAI will take place including the India Best Practices Awards 2020: “GO FRANKFURT”! Laundries apply free of charge and winners receive tickets for the Finals: Global Best Practice Awards in Frankfurt. This will be followed by the 1st Annual Convention of DLAI organized on 16 February. This program will be organized by DLAI and CINET in close cooperation as strategic partners.

In this prestigious Indian award program for professional laundry & dry cleaning companies DLAI & CINET will reward the most outstanding company cases with a full commitment on best practices in professional textile care. This award program is part of the Global Best Practices Awards 2020, organized at Texcare International in Frankfurt, Germany where GBPA 2020 Finals will take place (June 19-20). DLAI & CINET have invited the best Indian Professional Textile Care companies to participate from the following categories: 1) Retail Textile Cleaning, 2) Franchise companies and 3) Industrial Textile Services. 

CINET-DLAI Partnership

CINET and The Drycleaners & Launderers Association of India (DLAI) have a Strategic Partnership Agreement, aiming to set-up a long term cooperation. For the years to come, the common CINET-DLAI activities will be extended and intensified to set up a solid infrastructure and professional secretariat to set up a network in India to stimulate innovation and implementation of new technologies and international expertise. With 1000 members already, DLAI is the Indian association formed to represent the interests of the all retail, commercial, institutional laundry and dry-cleaning companies within the country. DLAI is the unified voice of all Dry Cleaners & Launderers in India. The Indian Best Practices Awards are one of the elements of the cooperation.

Here’s the Global Best Practices Awards 2020 Official Movie:


Indian Best Practice Awards sponsors




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The Italian Best Practices Awards 2020 will be held in Milan (March, 8, 2020)

The fashion capital, Milan, will host The Italian Best Practices Awards 2020, that will take place at Unione Confcommercio, Palazzo Castiglioni, on March, 8th, 2020.  The event, organized by Assosecco together with CINET, is a national pre-selection of CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards Program (GBPA) 2019-2020, whose Final will take place in Frankfurt, Germany (June, 19-20, 2020).

The GBPA Final will be organized during Texcare International, that will take place from 20 to 24 June 2020.

Italy’s best Retail Textile Cleaning showcases

The Italian Retail Textile Cleaning companies with a high focus on best practices were invited to submit their registration forms (for free) in the Italian national pre-selections. The evaluation of the Italian Best Practices Awards Jury will be done according to the GBPA2020 criteria: Quality, Sustainability, Business Model & Service Concept, Innovation and Keynote presentation. The overall winner of The Italian Best Practices Awards will get a free ticket to the GBPA2020 Final


More, on the Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020, on GBPA2020 Official Movie, below and on the GBPA2020 Brochure – here!

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GO FRANKFURT! The overall winners of USA Best Practices Awards will get a free ticket to the GBPA2020 Final

Is your company based in USA? Can you describe it as a “focused to best practices” one? Showcase it among the best American Professional Textile Care profiles and you can win a free ticket to the GBPA2020 Final in Frankfurt, Germany (June 19-20). 

The event will be organized by CINET together with Methods for Management (MFM) and it will take place in Fort Worth, Texas, April 16th, 2020 (14:00, Ft. Worth Convention Center, Room 101), during Southwest Drycleaners Association (SDA) Cleaners Showcase Event.

GO FRANKFURT! The Overall Winners get a free ticket to the GBPA2020 Final.

Apply now (FOR FREE)! In order to join the USA Award, use the reply form from this link – here! The event is supported by other USA and international associations. More on the USA pre-selections event and about the participation – on the USA Best Practices Awards Event page – here!

Deadline. The deadline for submitting the applications is March, 1st, 2020. You can download the reply form from this link – here or submit your application directly at CINET Secretariat ( For more info, call us at +31 344 650 430.

The American Retail Textile Cleaning and Franchise companies with a high focus on best practices are invited to submit their registration forms (for free) in the USA national pre-selections. The application process doesn’t require any fee and the main benefits for the participating companies consist of FREE PR, the chance to profile their companies among the most extraordinary PTC showcases around the world and the chance to win a ticket to the GBPA2020 Final in Frankfurt. The GBPA2020 Final will take place during Texcare International Frankfurt, Germany (June, 19-20, 2020). Here’s the Official GBPA2020 movie, with a glimpse of the 2018 Program (on this link)! The new edition of 2020 is aiming to be the biggest one so far, with more than 400 participants from over 50 countries!

More about The Global Best Practices Awards, on GBPA2020 Brochure – download it here! 

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Aramark in the Top 50 Employer for People with disABILITIES again

For the sixth consecutive year, Aramark has been named a Top 50 Employer by the American CAREERS & the disABLED Magazine. With the award the magazine honours progressive employers in the public and private sectors that provide a positive working environment for people with disabilities.

Lynn B. McKee, the company’s Executive Vice President of Human Resources proudly states:  “It’s an honour to once again be recognized for our diversity and inclusion efforts. As an organization that employs individuals across all abilities, we know that creating a culture that removes barriers, creates understanding, and enables success across the ability spectrum is the key to meeting our current and future talent goals.”

Through the recently established Aramark Thrive employee resource group (ERG) the company wants to create personal connections to stimulate awareness and inclusion for people with unique challenges. The aim is to provide them and their support network with opportunities to share their stories. The food, facilities management and uniforms company employs 280,000 employees worldwide. Commitment to people is stated to be a core part of the company’s sustainability plan, Be Well. Do Well. This plan is focused on having a positive impact on people and the planet.

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Handling Textiles after a Fire – the Ultimate Launderer Challenge!

Textiles that are damaged by fire usually have a smoky-smell and are at the same time damp or wet. Apart from that considerable water damage that causes shrinkage and colour change, may occur. And the damp materials may be affected by bacterial growth as well.

Recovery of the textiles not only depends on how quickly they can be brought to the laundry after the incident, but also how skilfully they are processed by the professional launderer and his staff. Laundries that offer recovery services after a fire, should use specialist processes to achieve the best possible results. As fires occur at random intervals, the first thing a laundry needs is sufficient transport and storage facilities. But also, trained staff who will be available when required. They should be willing to work overtime and get textiles from the affected premises as soon as they are permitted to enter the scene.

However, insurance matters might not only delay the removal of the textiles and endanger the cleaning process, but also put pressure on the launderer to return the cleaned goods in a very short time. Therefore, a professional launderer wants the job to be done properly without rushing the process, will have to stay ‘cool’ and give realistic expectations to all those concerned.

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A Greener Approach of Laundry … Hilton London Wembley can!

In November 2018 hotel Hilton London Wembley had a Hydrofinity 20kg commercial washing machine installed in order to work on their sustainability targets. Recently the hotel announced that they had saved 250,000 litres of water by using this machine. An amount of water to shower all their guests for 2 weeks!

Located next to the Wembley Stadium and SSE Arena, this 360-room, 4* hotel has state-of-the-art facilities and has been awarded by the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019. Consequently, finding a washing machine that provides excellent wash quality as well as using minimal water and energy was essential. The housekeeping team use the Hydrofinity washing machine to process mattress toppers, duvets, robes and shower curtains and run up to 12 cycles per day.

Globally, Hilton strive to cut their environmental footprint in half by 2030 amongst other things by reducing water consumption and produced waste by 50%. Mike Ferrand, Managing Director of Hydrofinity commented: “We look forward to supporting Hilton in their goal to reduce water usage by 50%. Our machines in their properties have reduced laundry water consumption by 78%, so if every Hilton property installed just one of our machines, this goal could certainly be achievable.”

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Seaport Capital Invests in Linen King: Trust in Business Model!

Seaport Capital – a New York-based private equity firm – recently completed a strategic investment alongside the founders and operators of Linen King, Leonard and LK McCullough. The aim is  to support the continued growth of the company. Linen King is a major provider of outsourced laundry cleaning and management services to hospitals, health systems, and healthcare clinics in the South Central and Midwest of the USA.

Leonard McCullough, the company’s Founder and CEO states:  “I’m looking forward to our new partnership with Seaport Capital and the exciting growth opportunities they will help us execute. They quickly understood us and demonstrated that they shared the values our company believes in. We not only intend to provide the highest levels of service to our customers, but also want to be a great place to work for our employees.”

Drew Meyers, Partner at Seaport Capital, commented on the investment: “Linen King has established remarkable success throughout its history and has proven to be a leader in the healthcare laundry services sector.” Bob Tamashunas, Partner at Seaport Capital, added: “Linen King’s business model and approach of staying regionally-focused in a highly fragmented industry, their maintaining long-term customer contracts and being led by its founders aligns well with Seaport’s investing strategy.”


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