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CINET in Barcelona: Fruitful meetings for further cooperation

Long tradition of quality and a new wave of modern dynamism. This the main characteristic of the Professional Textile Care landscape in Barcelona.

Mr. Peter Wennekes (President & CEO of CINET) discussed with some of the main actors in the Spanish PTC industry in Barcelona, in a series of fruitful meetings focused on the global and regional trends in Professional Textile Care, as well as CINET’s World of PTC Business School, CERCLEAN International Certification and The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020 in Frankfurt.

Mr. Wennekes had a meeting with the Board of Directors of GREMI (El Gremi de Tintorers I Bugaders de Barcelona). Gremi was ​​officially documented in 1870. It is a business association that brings together all the industrialists and artisans in the Dry Cleaning and Laundry sector, with the common purpose of defense of their interests, both professional and economic and social.

GREMI’s team welcomed CINET at the meeting in the association’s offices in Barcelona

Mr. Wennekes also visited WOSH, a company focused on a laundry-on-demand model which is based in the heart of Barcelona.

Mr. Peter Wennekes (President & CEO of CINET) – centre, Mr. Juan Ruiz (left) and Mr. Ramon Plans (right), the Managing Partners of WOSH Barcelona




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Time to showcase your outstanding company at The USA Best Practices Awards (Ft. Worth, Texas, April 16, at 14:00 hrs)

Join The USA Best Practices Awards 2020!  The event will be organized by CINET together with Methods for Management (MFM) and it will take place in Fort Worth, Texas, April 16th, 2020 (14:00, Room 101), during Southwest Drycleaners Association (SDA) Cleaners Showcase Event. The event is supported by other USA and international associations. More on the USA pre-selections event and about the participation – on the USA Best Practices Awards Event page – here!

Apply now! Use the reply form from this link – here!

The American Retail Textile Cleaning and Franchise companies with a high focus on best practices are invited to submit their registration forms (for free) in the USA national pre-selections. The application process doesn’t require any fee and the main benefits for the participating companies consist of FREE PR, the chance to profile their companies among the most extraordinary PTC showcases around the world and the chance to win a ticket to the GBPA2020 Final in Frankfurt.

The GBPA2020 Final will take place during Texcare International Frankfurt, Germany (June, 19-20, 2020). Here’s the Official GBPA2020 movie, with a glimpse of the 2018 Program (on this link)! The new edition of 2020 is aiming to be the biggest one so far, with more than 400 participants from over 50 countries!


The deadline for submitting the applications is March, 1st, 2020. You can download the reply form from this link – here or submit your application directly at CINET Secretariat ( For more info, call us at +31 344 650 430.

More about The Global Best Practices Awards, on GBPA2020 Brochure – download it here! 

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No Pre-selection in your country? Apply directly at the Global Best Practices Awards 2020!

Multiple national and regional Pre-Selection events took and will take place all over the world on The ROAD TO FRANKFURT (June 19-20, at the GBPA2020 Final) as a result of the partnerships between National PTC Associations and CINET. If your company is based in a country where no Pre-Selection is organized , you are invited to APPLY DIRECTLY (free of charge) in The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020.

The Global Best Practices Awards Program concept is based on:

  • stimulating the implementation of best practice measures, service aspects, marketing and quality of the Professional Textile Care industry
  • demonstrating PTC industry’s capabilities
  • providing a benchmark and platform for the new state of the art in modern Professional Textile Care.

Are you a retail textile cleaner? Or a retail franchise company? Or an industrial laundry? Does your company meet the best practices criteria? Showcase it among the best PTC companies worldwide. The application process doesn’t require any fee! Your benefits of an official NOMINATION are:

  1. Free Publicity for all the participants in the World of PTC (online Book 7)
  2. The (World) PTC stage is yours! The chance (for the 50 selected finalists) to deliver a presentation in front of the International Jury and the international audience in Frankfurt, Germany on June, 20th, 2020 (during Texcare International 2020)
  3. Massive PR which you can use in order to increase the turnover.


The only thing you have to do is fill-in the reply form for the GBPA2020 competition which corresponds to your company’s profile:

  • the reply form for the Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) companies and Franchise companies (download here!)


  • the reply form for the Industrial Textile Services companies (download here!).

Once filled-in, the form will have to be submitted to CINET Secretariat ( until the 1st of March, 2020.

More about The Global Best Practices Awards, on GBPA2020 Brochure – download it here! 

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What’s your level? Improve it with the e-learning and training courses of The World of PTC – Business School!

The World of PTC – Business School is a training initiative developed by CINET in cooperation with international suppliers, specifically designed for professional laundry and dry cleaning stakeholders. Through this initiative CINET aims to strengthen and stimulate the development of the PTC (Professional Textile Care) industry.

You will find easy accessible information on Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) and Industrial Textile Services (ITS) on the following levels:

  • Starters (Level C): Basic level of education and knowledge for people who likes to start in the textile cleaning industry:
  • Operational Excellence (Level B): Advanced level for operators, employees for detail knowledge and skills of the textile cleaning process
  • Management (Level A): Excellent level for managers and employees on legislation, improvement methodologies, operational management, business modelling & cost structures and marketing

The product range of The World of PTC – Business School consists of E-learning & (on the job) Training courses, Practical Workshops & Webinars and a vast PTC online library & Book series. Select the courses that match your professional (both individual and company) needs and become a Master in PTC. More, on this link – here! 

Start now! Good luck!

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CINET welcomes KUNZ (France) as a new member!

CINET welcomes KUNZ from France as a new member to its network!

The KUNZ adventure began in 1925 when Charles KUNZ created his first dyeing workshop in Chêne-Bourg (near Geneva, Switzerland) before settling permanently in Gaillard (1974). Today, the total Kunz Pressing network consists of 50 stores. The prospects for development are strong, in France and abroad.

KUNZ has won the Overall Best Practices Award (Grand prix des meilleures pratiques) at the The French Best Practices Awards 2019, that took place at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, during JET EXPO 2019 in Paris, France (May 19-21). The company  was invited at the GBPA2020 Final in Frankfurt.

You can find more info on how to become a member on the CINET website.

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Sea-lion Co. from China celebrates and expands!

Chinese Laundry equipment manufacturer Jiangsu Sea-Lion Machinery Co. Ltd.  recently held its 50th anniversary celebration. At the same time opened its new office building complex in Leyu Town.

In his speech Sea-lion Chairman Chen Hong stated that Sea-lion has made a two-stage relocation since 2014. This strategy made it possible to match to the planning and construction of local government. The sales centre, testing centre, and administration and logistics department located at the original headquarters, have been moved to the new production campus. According to Hong “the new office building – with advanced and complete facilities – is not only a new local landmark, but it also creates a new image of the Sea-lion production campus. Furthermore, it represents a beautiful scenery of city construction in Leyu Town. Completion of the office building is not only the end of the construction project, but also indicates a new start of our business.”

In celebration of its 50 years in business and ever-expanding market presence, the company earlier launched Sea-lion America Co. in the summer of 2019. This joint venture aims to support business in the North American, Mexican and Caribbean markets.


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Merger between NOVO Health Services & Paris Healthcare Linen Services

NOVO Health Services and Paris Healthcare Linen Services reported to have merged as from 1st January. The newly-established company will operate under the name of NOVO Health Services, although the Paris trade name will continue in use for an indefinite period. Paris Uniform Services is not involved in the merger and will continue as an independent Paris company.

The new company becomes a supra-regional competitor. It will operate seven facilities that are either Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) accredited or Hygienically Clean – certified, in the East part of the US. Additionally, the company has three sterile processing facilities that provide reusable surgical gowns, sheets and other textile products and stainless basins to the industry through its SRI Surgical business unit.

The merger is to operate under a combined management team in order to oversee the operations and strengthen long-time growth of the company.

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Australian-UK partnership for Innovative Hot Water-Soluble Laundry Bags.

DB Packaging – an Australian distributor – recently launched hot water-soluble laundry bags. The bags can be used to contain dirty or contaminated laundry and dissolve in hot water. Therefore there is no plastic residue which may also cause less machine problems. The bags maintain the functionality of traditional plastic bags, but at the same time they  are also non-toxic, marine-safe and biodegradable.

In order to bring to market a range of cytotoxic laundry bags and food waste bags the company has worked with Birmingham UK–based manufacturer, Advent Packaging. The hot water soluble laundry bags are being made from that company’s Hydropol polymer pellets.  The ‘eco’ Aquapak version has the same strength, puncture resistance, barrier properties and durability of traditional laundry bags, but reduce the amount of contaminated bed linen which had to be burnt. The bags also take away the process of having to remove laundry from bags before washing. That is why  they eliminate occupational health and safety risks when there is heavily soiled, infectious or cytotoxic content. Cytotoxic linen is also easily identified. The bags can be supplied to hospitals and care homes, hotels and commercial laundries.

Apart from that, the company’s range of hot water-soluble food waste bags seem to have attracted attention of the food waste collection and anaerobic digestion processors.


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JSG strengthens growth strategy with acquisition and new plant

Johnson Service Group (JSG) – a UK-based textile rental services provider – recently released a trading update for the year that ended on 31 December 2019.

The Group confirmed the completion of its acquisition of the entire issued share capital of Fresh Linen Holdings (Fresh), together with its trading subsidiary Fresh Linen Limited. The amount involved is £12.5 million on a debt free, cash free basis and subject to an adjustment for normalised working capital. The consideration includes the freehold site. JSG stated that the acquisition meets its growth strategy to increase size and scale of its hospitality services in the UK. The acquisition also complies with the company’s intention to extend geographically. Besides it further diversifies the customer profile base within the Hotel Linen portfolio.

The company’s £10.0 million investment plan for a new high volume linen plant in Leeds, remains on target. The plant is to be opened in the Spring of 2020. The location will provide extra processing capacity ahead of the busy summer months. In the update, the group remains positive about the future prospects for the business and expects to announce full year results on Monday 2 March. The results are expected to be slightly ahead of market expectations.

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Job Seekers ‘Dress for Success’ thanks to Partnership Laundry Service & Library

In Brixton UK a ‘clothes borrowing venture’ has recently entered the market.  A local laundry business enterprise and the town’s library service have created a partnership to offer support to the local community. The new operation should enable job seekers to borrow smart clothes for their next job interview to help them dress for success.

Matt Connelly founder and CEO of ‘ihateironing’ initiated the project and stated: “Competition for jobs is particularly high. It means when someone gets selected for an interview, every part of that interview matters. We understand that clothes for an interview can be expensive, so we are building a collection of clothes at Brixton Library that can be borrowed to help everyone dress for success.”

Ihateironing is an on-demand drycleaning and laundry delivery service by a network of local entrepreneurs. The company is will help find and supply outfits for the library to lend out and will clean and return the clothes for free after each use. The library receives suitable clothes that have either never been collected by the laundry customers. When the project has attracted more attention and awareness, more and more customers will no doubt also donate nearly new items that they do not use themselves.

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