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Meet the most extraordinary nominations for the French Best Practices Awards 2019 (JET EXPO, Paris, May 19-21)

The Jury of the French Best Practices Awards 2019 will have the difficult task to evaluate the profiles and the final presentations of the most extraordinary nominations that will compete for the trophies at the event that will take place in during JET EXPO 2019 in Paris, France, on May 19th (RTC & Big RTC) and on May 21st (ITS)

Amongst the French Best Practices Awards 2019  are the following Official Nominees (in alphabetical order):

  • BIH77 –  ITS

The winners will be announced during the Award Ceremonies on May 19th (RTC & Big RTC) and May 21st (ITS), at Porte de Versailles Hall 7.1, Paris (JET EXPO venue). The French Best Practices Awards are one on the Pre-selections events in CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards Program (GBPA) 2019-2020. The French Awards overall winners will be invited at the GBPA2020 Final at Texcare International on June, 20th, in Frankfurt, Germany.


The 2017 edition of The French National Best Practices Awards, a huge success at JET EXPO (Paris)




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Total Cleaning & Laundry Solutions for Indonesia

Indonesia is showing a steady growth in the cleaning and laundry market. Driven by the rising number of commercial and residential properties, healthcare facilities and hospitality facilities, the cleaning and laundry market is developing towards more automation, more innovative products and solutions which are effective and efficient. Data from the Statistics Bureau shows that in Jakarta alone, there are over 7.1 million square meter areas of commercial and residential properties, while across the nation, over 1 million hotel rooms are available and over 2,800 hospitals are in operation. Cleaning and laundry have certainly taken new priority for these sectors, encouraged by higher awareness for better living and working standard.

Addressing the market needs, PT Media Artha Sentosa organizes a dedicated trade show for modern cleaning and textile care titled EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY. This year, the show is going into its 6th edition, to be held at the Jakarta International Expo from 11 to 13 July 2019, serving the market with a showcase of products and solutions for cleaning and laundry. Concurrently, the supporting trade associations are organising conferences, seminars and workshops which become platform of knowledge, experience and insights for all trade professionals.

This edition is rather special that we registered a great interest in the laundry for healthcare services. There are 3 associations focusing on this subject namely the Indonesian Hospitals Association – PERSI, Indonesian Laundry Professionals Association – APLI and Association of Hospital Laundry Units – PILARS. The Ministry of Health is investing in efforts to prevent and control the spread of infection in healthcare facilities through Ministerial Decree No 7 Year 2019. In addition, EXPO LAUNDRY is welcoming delegation visits from Malaysia, Singapore and China this year and the Best Practice Laundry Award is organised again by ASLI and CINET.

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WOPCOM Blog: Huge Potential for ELIS, by Dr. Geert Böttger

ELIS is since some years – at least since 2016/2017, when they started the takeover of Berendsen – the most discussed textile service company in Europe and also in Latin America. The textile service community witnessed an aggressive growth plan, which has been totally out of the scope of medium sized laundries and family run textile service companies. The strategic super merger with Berendsen appeared as a bang, which changed the competitive environment in some markets drastically. and which is embedding the traditional business model of textile service companies into the larger framework of asset management and asset development.

We should not think that the ELIS challenge is now over, and all efforts are only focussed to integrate Berendsen and the other approx. 50 takeovers since 2016. In contrast to the textile service community, ELIS has strong financial genes, which are a permanent driving force for the development of the company. This financial driving force has been and will be exploited for a profitable ELIS development as service company for some time ahead.  The potential is bright (a) in raising profitability of ELIS as a conglomerate of textile service companies, and (b) in improving the value of ELIS or parts of ELIS for private or institutional investors and (c) for share holders.

Interested in reading the whole article? Register now and receive One month free access on WOPCOM platform! By using the coupon code LAUNCH at the registration form, you can have free access for 1 month in the platform.

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Family business mixed with 21st century Tech – Winner Houston Innovation Contest

Safir Ali and his brother Mubeen thought they had a better way to improve and modernize the dry cleaning user experience. Judges behind the 2019 LaunchPad Contest agreed and consequently they won the contest stimulating local entrepreneurs using technology to advance their businesses.

Their ‘Hamper’ concept is based on two services, but is simple. Before the company even built a drop-off kiosk, they created an app that would allow people to schedule when a driver could come and collect their dry cleaning. Using technology similar to the kinds of location software Uber uses, Hamper users create an account, tick off what items they need laundered or dry cleaned, then select both a pick up and a drop off time. A Hamper driver would come and collect the items, and then return with them fully pressed and cleaned.

The app was launched in 2017, but was never the end game. Last summer, Hamper started a pilot program for kiosks to be set up in three office buildings using new technologies for excellent customer service. Being able to combine the quality of a family business with 21st century technology has been exciting for both Safir and his brother.

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In Memoriam: John Fetters, Past President IFI – US

John D. Fetters, 92, past president of the International Fabricare Institute – in 2007 re-named Dry-cleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) – and co-owner with brother Gene of his family dry-cleaning business Sanitary Cleaners, recently passed away at Spectrum Health Lakeland, St. Joseph US, surrounded by his family.

Fetters first joined his father and brother in their family dry-cleaning and men’s formalwear rental business, Sanitary Cleaners, after he returned from college. The two brothers expanded the family business to five stores in Northern Indiana and Michigan, along with ten dry-cleaning branches and five routes in Southwestern Michigan.

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News from Turkey – Aksa Akrilik and Bossa develop new generation denim fabric

Turkish acrylic fibre producer Aksa Akrilik and textile manufacturer Bossa have cooperated in creating a new denim fabric. The new denim fabric that has been produced with ‘Acare fibre’, has antibacterial, soft, flexible and hot-cool properties.

This new generation fabric is aimed at bringing a new breath to the denim sector which mainly uses cotton, polyester and viscose mixtures as raw materials. The denim sector, which has reached a market of about 150 billion dollars in the world, will welcome this new fabric developed by Turkish engineers. Acare – an Aksa Akrilik brand – has been developed to make the denim fabric not only antibacterial, but also allows to reduce odour formation. In addition, the fabric is stated to have soft, flexible & warm-cool holding properties.

Aksa Akrilik General Manager Cengiz Taş stated that the partners acted with the vision of creating new usage areas for acrylic fibre, offering solutions in many areas ranging from clothing to home textiles, outdoor use to industrial usage areas. They intend to export the fibre to the US, Far East and European countries and by doing so they intend to contribute to the Turkish denim industry.

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Elis reports – first quarter revenue growth & investor’s confidence

Elis, an international multi-service provider of textile, hygiene and facility services solutions across Europe and Latin America, recently announced that revenue for first 2019 quarter grew by 4.3%.

Xavier Martiré, CEO of Elis stated: “With organic revenue growth of +2.4% in Q1, Elis is starting the year with good momentum in most of its geographies. Our company continued the densification of its network in its existing geographies with small-size acquisitions in Sweden, Denmark, Spain and more recently in Russia. These acquisitions have almost no impact on the debt leverage because of their small size and the reasonable multiples paid.”

Furthermore, Martiré stated that “in Q1 Elis refinanced part of its debt: The €800mn bond with a 3% coupon and a 2022 maturity has been refinanced with a €500mn bond with a 1.75% coupon and 2024 maturity and a €300mn USPP financing with a 2.70% coupon and a 2029 maturity, leading to a lower average cost of debt and extended maturities. This refinancing has been very well received by the markets and illustrates the confidence of investors in the group’s strategy and business model.”

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Innovative ‘Wash-Sharing’ laundry app introduced in UK

Washare is the company behind a new mobile laundry app that aims to give people an opportunity to make money from home by providing a cheaper laundry service than traditional laundries for anyone who has a washing machine and some spare time.

According to Matthew Howells – the company’s spokesperson: ”Washare is “the Uber of Washing.” We identified that many people have a washing machine, spare time and a need for more money, while there are many others who have no washing machine and no time, but plenty of spare cash. One can make money … One can save money. Washare are bringing these two groups together so that each can be of benefit to the other.”

Those being signed up to provide this service are described as ‘Cashares’. The expectation is that they will be primarily female entrepreneurs as the role offers an ideal and convenient opportunity to combine being a Cashare with existing part-time jobs or being at home as a mother. On the other hand, people requiring a laundry service at a highly competitive price can also benefit. Service users simply download the app and enter the details of their laundry. They connect with the local Cashares waiting to wash and iron their clothes, while collection and delivery can also be arranged.

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Diversey’s recently opened R&D centre reflects growing Chinese market

Diversey – a globally operating cleaning and hygiene company – has recently opened a new R&D centre in China. Situated in Shanghai, the innovation centre of China, the new facility will be well connected with the company’s global R&D resources, while simultaneously leveraging local market insights.

This new R&D centre will support China Professional and F&B business through Innovation implementation, Portfolio Enhancement and a range of associated management activities. Meanwhile it will provide direct customer support, as well as essential support for the local supply chain, regulatory and sales teams.

Adam Guo, the company’s vice president for Greater China, states: “As China is one of the top priority global markets for us, this brand new R&D centre represents a crucial investment. Since our transition to a standalone entity there is a sense of our company and China having a shared mission. We are determined to increase our understanding of the Chinese market and to effectively harness local talent. With this increased investment, we aim to grow significantly as a company and drive recognition of Diversey as the leading global innovator, developer and provider of cleaning, sanitation and maintenance products and systems.”

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Recyclable Plastic

Most plastics used today are never made to be recycled. For example, even the most recycled plastic (PET) is only recycled for 20-30%. The rest is either burned or is disposed of on a landfill.

Luckily, a team of researchers has found an answer. A plastic called poly(diketoenamine) (PDK) can be broken down at the molecular level and then re-assembled from these small components, just like a lego set. According to researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, it is possible to assemble this plastic in different shapes, structures and colours every time without this resulting in a loss of performance or quality. The next step is to develop PDK plastics with a wide range of thermal and mechanical applications such as textiles, 3D printing and foam!

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