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Applied Circularity: New Fibers Using Recycled Waste

Naia Renew is a built-in, soft, sustainable and traceable staple fibre introduced by Eastman – a global specialty materials company.

Aimed at the casual and loungewear markets, the fibre is made of 60% wood pulp and 40% recycled waste plastics and can be produced in bulk. The fibre is quick drying and reduces garment pilling while at the same time blending well with other eco-friendly materials such as lyocell, modal and recycled polyester. The staple fibre is produced with a low carbon footprint in a closed-loop process with solvents safely recycled back into the system for reuse.

The fibre is produced from wood pulp sourced from certified forests, and the recycled plastics feedstock is generated via the company’s integrated molecular recycling technology that breaks down waste plastics – such as post-consumer carpet fibre and plastic packaging materials – into basic molecular building blocks for the manufacture of new products including fibres. Thus, the company has developed a circulation solution that creates value from waste.

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Chris Garside Appointed Head of Sales at Aramark

Chris Garside – former CEO of Compass Group UK and Ireland – has been named head of sales and business development for Aramark International. He is to start his new position on 17th May. He will be reporting to Carl Mittleman – COO of Aramark International – and will take on responsibility for guiding growth in 18 countries around the world.

In his newly created role, Garside will not only lead the company’s growth plans with a focus on driving new sales across its international portfolio, supporting strategic and major retention efforts, but also on developing and executing a global M&A framework.

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How Creativity Can Beat Covid Challenges

Canada-based LHLSI – London Hospital Linen Service Inc. – is a private, not-for-profit cooperative laundry that has “always a step ahead” in its DNA. It was the first laundry in Canada to provide sterile linen packs to its clients and a quarter of a century later, Covid presents the laundry with new challenges. Sourcing single-use materials was suddenly impossible, and the need for reusable hospital linen skyrocketed. A solution was needed, and fast.

Until March last year, the company processed approx. 20,000 PPE gowns per week. The demand exploded at the outburst of Covid and to manage the enormous volumes, the laundry decided to end the folding process and deliver the gowns in bulk carts of 500 or in bags of 10 pieces each. The new set-up was designed in close co-operation with its supplier and increased the laundry’s output by 600 – 800 per cent. It enabled the company to cope with the enormous demand for reusable PPE gowns.

London Hospital Linen Service Inc., was built in 1972 as a central servicing laundry for the healthcare facilities. It quickly grew and its team of nearly 200 employees is now serving 45 healthcare customers in that region, processing 250 tonnes per week.

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Rental Linen Gaining Ground in India Healtcare

In India the concept of rental linen has entered the hospitality segment during the pandemic, since an increasing number of hotels consider this model a lucrative and a more convenient way of using hygienic and quality linen in their facilities. The question remains if rental linen could be the future working model in hospitals? Some food for thought:

According to Narayanan Raghavan – CEO of Indian company Rent-a-Towel – hospital-acquired infections (HAI) can cause risky situations through infected linen, and need to be controlled. Rental linen enabled with RFID technology for monitoring and controlling the movement of linen is the best solution and gives peace of mind to healthcare service providers.

Mahesh Ghatge – Managing Director of Kleanwise India – states that in the pandemic situation where a financial crisis cannot be avoided, the hospitality and hotel industry are the most affected ones. The cost of linen maintenance and hygienic service is high in such situations and the linen rental model could be an affordable and convenient solution. It could not only to minimise expenses with professional management, but also require less manpower engagement and hygienic services. All in all, a development that seems to get a foothold in a post-corona future.

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CERCLEAN, The Most Effective Certification Solution!

In the current pandemic context, the consumers and companies are becoming more and more aware of standards and guarantees, mostly in terms of hygiene, contamination risks for consumers, end-users and employees. The certified companies will therefore have a significant competitive advantage that will naturally lead to bigger revenues. CERCLEAN® International Certification can help your business to gain more trustworthiness, professionalism and create  new opportunities. 


What’s in it for you?

There are 3 main reasons why the CERCLEAN® International Certification is the most effective certification solution during and after the pandemic:

  1. Implementing international best practices in PTC. CERCLEAN® provides acomplete step by step model for the laundry manager to implement best practices on  professional hygienical clean laundry and dry cleaning management in a laundry facility. The program is split up between a certification  scheme for Industrial Textile Services and Retail Textile Cleaning. So the program specializes based on the business model that is applicable. The handbook and easy-to-fill-out forms are based on optimized work flow and conditions, annual training of staff, setting yearly quality objectives, handling of hazardous chemicals, proper maintenance of machinery, good housekeeping, complaint management, productivity improvement plan and an energy savings plan.
  1. Proven solution & continuous development. Over 50 years ago  industrial laundries started developing certification schemes in collaboration with health care organizations and governmental bodies based in Europe on ISO 9001 and later on RABC norms (EN 14065) for hygienical clean laundering. Now, with a global perspective CINET has developed an international certification scheme 10 years ago and is committed to stimulate best practices and continuously support professionals on improving the know-how offered in the Cerclean program. This is extended with new innovations coming from the industry annually.
  1. Most cost effective solution. The laundry manager can work anytime and anywhere as this is a digital, self-explaining program dedicated to PTC. Naturally users get online support of licensed  CERCLEAN® auditors. After applying for the program the laundry manager starts creating a handbook with standard procedures for their own specific laundry business and customers, supported by e-learning on quality & (optionally) hygiene management. This is much less time-consuming than buying a generic quality management program that is not dedicated to PTC.

Ask now for a CERCLEAN® personalized quote

You can start the certification process anytime. Ask for a quote by filling in the form below:

For more info, you can download the new CERCLEAN® International Certification brochure here!

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Video Shot in a Laundry: Followed by 70 Million People!

The music video for Martin Garrix’s song Burn Out, shot in a launderette, was followed by 70 million views from all over the world. And if the famous DJ’s are using the professional laundries, why wouldn’t you do the same? Let us give some reasons why PTC means superior sustainability by comparison with domestic washing:

  • 80-90% water saving
  • Almost 30% CO2 emission reduction
  • On average 30% energy saving.
  • No microfibers released in the environment

Therefore, be like Martin (Garrix) and outsource your laundry! For yourself and for the environment!

You can see the music video below.

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“Hey Siri, Do The Laundry!”, a Popular Tag Everywhere

Innovation & new technologies are being introduced and implemented in society every day. The pace of innovation – with platforms, blockchain, 3D printing, biotech, virtual & augmented reality, IoT (internet of things), Big data, robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) to name a few – is mind blowing from time to time.

All of them have a main goal: the maximum convenience for the consumer. Because the consumer is focused on convenience, a fact that is proved by one of the trending merchandises on the e-commerce platform, focused on: “Hey Siri, Do The Laundry!” quote. Food for thought, inspiration for PTC companies that can apply digitization in reaching new markets by focusing on the optimization of the customer journey to increase customer value and, most naturally the revenues.


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Elis 2020 Revenues in France, 18.6% Decline Compared to 2019

According to Entretien Textile, the 2020 Elis revenues in France were down -18.6% (fully organic) to € 867.8 million. The sharp slowdown in the hospitality industry (which represented around a third of  Elis’ turnover in 2019 in France), despite a positive summer season, has weighed on activity since the start of the health crisis. After a general decline in activity observed in the second quarter, activity the operations then recovered in Industry, Health and Commerce, with good developments in Workwear and Hygiene segments.

Elis is an international multi-service provider, offering textile, hygiene and facility services solutions across Europe and Latin America.

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Orange Sky (Australia) Extends its Services Mobility Through the New “Laundry Pods”

The so-called laundry pods are run by a team of Orange Sky volunteers and operate a weekly shift schedule across several regions in Australia. Following the company’s high focus on CSR and sustainability, the new mobile pods have a reduced-cost operational model, with the vision of being more accessible to operate in less-populated regions more efficiently and with simplified maintenance demands. They are situated alongside community service providers to ensure people can access multiple services in one location.

The first pod was installed at the Sarina Neighbourhood Centre, with a second pod installed at Vinnies (Mackay). They operate in five weekly shifts, two of which take place alongside the local Mercy College Brekky van (which is operated by students and staff of the College). The third laundry pod was installed in a Brisbane carpark. Together with a local partner, the laundry utilizes spaces that are commonly used and busy during the day, but at night are left vacant or empty (currently, car parks).



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Sustainability, Hygiene or Digitization? Or all 3? Register now to CINET Live! PTC Special (Free) Webinars

Add on your agenda the CINET Live! Free Webinars that match your company’s profile (Retail Textile Cleaning or Industrial Textile Services)! 

CINET is amplifying the initiatives in creating international open-platforms for sharing knowledge and experience during the coronavirus crisis and organizes global (virtual) PTC events supported by numerous reputed experts, national associations, international suppliers and other organizations to underline challenges & opportunities of sustainability, hygiene, digitization & innovation in profiling the Professional Textile Care industry. New ideas, new business models and new market opportunities for the after-Corona perspectives of PTC industry will be presented in these events. 

  • CINET LIVE! Hygiene as a driver in Corona times! (RTC: June 2 at 15:00 CET // ITS: June 3 at 15:00 CET )
  • CINET LIVE! Sustainability First! (RTC + ITS: June 17 at 15:00 CET)
  • CINET LIVE! Digitization & Innovation generate growth! (RTC: July 7 at 15:00 CET // ITS: July 8 at 15:00 CET )



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