The Power of Partnership

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Building a Global Network

What can we do for you?

  • CINET brings together stakeholders with a common interest.
  • You’ll be informed about global developments in PTC through our newsletter (including access to premium news). 
  • Through the World of PTC Business School, CINET offers a training platform. Individual members (laundries & dry cleaners) can use the platform at a discounted rate. Effective members (associations) and Associate members (suppliers) can become a distribution partner and use the contents to service their members / customers.
  • CERCLEAN® and CERTEX® the non-accredited and accredited International Certification schemes offered by CINET provide a step-by-step guide for each PTC company to easily understand and efficiently implement international certification. Individual members will be able to get certified at reduced costs and Effective members can act as a distribution partner in this program.
  • The Global Best Practices Awards Program, as a member you’ll be sure to be informed on all CINET events. This includes the Best Practices Awards Programs in several countries; nominate a customer, member or participate with your own company. 
  • The results of the Research & Technology programs are reported to CINET members. You’ll receive our reports and results (such as calculation tools) and we run new projects - optionally together - based on feedback of members.
  • At industry events CINET organises visitor programs, for which members are invited; company visits, dinners, sightseeing tours and CINET events such as conferences, workshops and meetings.

Once you become a member we’ll agree on a yearly Operational Plan of Action (OPA) where plans and preferences are shared which will subsequently be executed in a joined manner. 

CINET Statutes

The CINET statutes are at all times applicable for CINET members and can be downloaded here.  

CINET Publications
All published information on the above membership advantages is added to the CINET PTC Library to which CINET members have full access. In addition the book series The World of PTC, also featured in the library, can be acquired at a discounted price.

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