Commercial laundry

A world without commercial laundry would be a grimy one. A wine stain would be the death sentence for your favorite shirt, your hotel bed would smell vaguely of the previous guest and hospitals would be plagued with contaminations.

Those who work in commercial laundry are therefore literally lifesavers. They keep clothing fresh, beds pleasant and clean and workwear hygienic. Are you interested in starting a career in commercial laundry? This article will provide you with an overview of the different commercial laundry services. You will learn what knowledge is required and how you can acquire it.


Types of commercial laundry

Commercial laundry is generally divided into two different sectors, Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services.

Retail Textile Cleaning

Retail Textile Cleaning includes small-scale commercial laundry, such as dry- and wet-cleaning services for consumers, laundromats or drycleaners. Tailoring is also part of this category. It also encompasses laundry done in the hospitality industry.

In order to start a business in this field, quite a lot of knowledge is required. Firstly there are the basic things, such as knowing how the cleaning processes work, which solvents or soaps to use, textile types, spotting and finishing. A good professional in this type of commercial laundry should however also be knowledgeable about how to handle heavy machinery and chemicals.

Are you interested in starting a business in the retail textile cleaning field of commercial laundry or would you like to improve your own or employees’ knowledge? CINET provides several e-learning courses on everything you need to know.


Industrial Textile Cleaning

Industrial Textile Cleaning is the larger scale type of commercial laundry. This includes washing for hospitals or other work wear.

This requires different expertise than Retail Textile Cleaning. For example, the processes are more streamlined and large-scale and sorting is much more important. Large machines are used, so training and proper knowledge is imperative in order to ensure safety. CINET e-learning courses teach you everything there is to know about this.

Finally, these large commercial laundry operations require good management. A manager in this field should be able to navigate environmental legislation, keep tabs on quality control and hygiene. He or she also ensures that the processes are running smoothly and safety procedures are being adhered to.