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For professional textile care (PTC) operations quality, service, innovation, and sustainability are the key issues to meet customer demands. By stimulating the best practices approach, CINET intends to contribute to a modern and sustainable textile care sector. Changing customer demands ask for new services and business models.

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'A successful first ever edition of the Global Best Practices Awards in PTC'

The CINET Global Best Practices Awards 2016 provide a perfect reference case, showcasing the latest standards of excellence in advanced and modern, professional textile care. CINET is proud to present the winners and the 100 nominations who received an 'Award of Excellence’. We congratulate all winners and top 100 nominees.

Full report GBPA 2016


By inviting national associations, suppliers to nominate individual companies showing excellence in the field of sustainable and innovative businesses, a selection of successful business cases are collected.

National Awards
In addition to the Global Best Practices Awards, National Best Practices Awards will be organised. These National Best Practices Awards Programs will be organised in cooperation with local partners. The winners of the National Awards will be automatically nominated to participate in the Global Best Practices Awards 2018.

A reply form (questionnaire and request for information) will be send to the nominated companies to collect information on the award criteria. Pictures and photos from the interior, exterior and working area are required. More pictures/marketing materials clarifying the answers are welcomed. On this basis a company profile will be prepared, also for publications.

The information will be evaluated by an independent jury with reference to the market characteristics and trends of the country of origin. For this jury industry representatives are to be selected. Additionally a visit will be made by jury members to the best 5 nominees and websites are to be reviewed to verify the information provided by the nominee.

Each company will be judged by an independent national jury. The members of the jury will independently review the Nominees’ reply forms and supportive information such as photos, press releases and presentations. The national jury will assess each nomination on five equally rewarded topics:

    • Business model & service concept More Info

Apply now for the Global Best Practices Awards 2018

Please contact me for participation in the GBPA 2018