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Quality management becomes more important and therefore the demand of appropriate  systems. There are a number of available systems. But many of them do not apply to the
specific processes of textile care. Also these generic systems are expensive and time-consuming to implement in and adapt to practical processing in a textile care company.

To make quality management easier accessible for the Professional Textile Care industry CINET developed a dedicated step by step e-learning program at low costs, for both textile service (CERCLEAN® TS) companies and Retail Textile Cleaning (dry cleaners) CERCLEAN® TC. For each PTC company international certification is now easy to understand and efficient to implement.certex-logo

In addition to the non-accredited CERCLEAN® certification, CINET offers CERTEX®; accredited certification, according to international standards. More info


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Step by Step

The CINET International Certification programs offer a step by step approach. This enables companies to follow the program at their own pace. CINET offers full support to enterprises in cooperation with national organisations, associations and representatives of international suppliers. Read More


This is a non-accredited international certification program. Easy to implement via 2 e -learning courses; on quality management and hygiene management leading to a practical handbook document for auditing, the certification is valid for 3 years. Certificates are not accredited. Separate programs for dry cleaners (textile cleaning = TC) and industrial laundries (textile services = TS) are available. Read more on CERCLEAN® TC or Read more on CERCLEAN® TS


Accredited international certification program with a handbook meeting ISO 9001 and RABC requirements, as well as industry standards. CERTEX® has been operational for over 30 years, governed by an independent council and accredited according to the international council of accreditation. Read more on CERTEX® TC

Step 1: E-learning

By the use of a web based application on the CINET website, students are guided along the different steps leading to certification. Tools, including a model handbook, are available in the national language. Tools and all steps are fully explained and documented and thus accessible even though companies may not have any experience with certification.

Requirement: To obtain CERCLEAN® certificates, applicant must have the certificate E Dry Clean (for dry cleaning) or E Industrial Laundry (for textile service/laundry). For more information on these courses we refer to the page "World of PTC Business School" on the CINET-website.

Step 2: Handbook

By making use of the E-Learning tool, model handbook and webinars on specific subjects the companies will gain the knowledge needed to develop a comprehensive quality management system. This is documented by a handbook tailored to the individual company, processes and customers in various market segments in which they operate.

For both Level 1 Quality management and level 2 Hygiene management, there is a model handbook available.

After successful completion of the program, companies or staff will have acquired two certificates. Level 1 certification includes all relevant aspects of business processes in accordance with requirements of quality management. Level 2 certification focuses on the hygienic, microbiological quality of processes and deliveries. Company Certificates are granted after approval of the handbook by the appointed auditor.

Step 3: Document of requirements

During the course the students can download the document of requirements, this is the document that contains all guidelines, it is what the auditor will check during the visit of the premises.

Step 4: audit

Apply for an audit with your national association/distributor, if your national association doesn’t offer certification, please apply through the CINET website.

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