International best practices
in PTC

Complete step by step model for the laundry manager to implement international best practices in a laundry facility based ISO standards.

Proven solution &
continuous development

The quality & hygiene management scheme started development 50 years ago and is continuously improved

Most cost effective

Work anytime and anywhere. Naturally users get online support of licensed CERCLEAN® auditors.

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The CINET International Certification program offer a step by step approach. This enables you as a laundry manager to follow the program at your own pace. CINET offers full support to companies that start the CERCLEAN® program, either via our own CERCLEAN® licensed auditors or in cooperation with organizations like national associations for professional textile care or suppliers / consultants in the field of textile care


Register your company and basic info so CINET can provide a matching quote. Within 5 working days you will receive a complete quote with details.


Select how you want to implement the CERCLEAN® certification program (e-learning, on site workshops or outsourced to a consulting service). Based on your selection CINET will send an invoice.


Once payment is received, logon-id's will be sent by e-mail. NOTE! E-learning can start withing 24 hours by online payment with credit card or other alternative.


After you login in, the handbook module and optionally other e-learning courses are made available. By following the given instructions in the modules, you will develop all procedures and forms to complete the handbook. During this process continuous online support is provided.


After implementation of procedures and working methods and finishing all questions in the handbook, an audit can be requested.


The auditor will visit the laundry facility and check whether procedures, working methods, documents and the handbook meet all requirements based on the ‘Document of Requirements’. Deficiencies will be identified and reported. The laundry will receive advice in the report of deviations and get several months to implement the changes if need be.

Do you need an officially accredited certification? CERTEX® provides you a solution!

CERCLEAN® is a step-by-step certification program that aids laundry managers to improve their operation in a pragmatic way. If your customers require an international officially accredited certificate, CERTEX® certification provides the ideal solution. This program is identical to the most comprehensive certification scheme of CERCLEAN®. CERTEX® has been operational for over 50 years in The Netherlands, meanwhile implemented at many industrial laundries. The program is governed by an independent council and accredited according to the international council of accreditation. This certification scheme for industrial laundries is comparable to PTC dedicated certification systems in European countries like Germany as well as the USA. Compared to some thereis one major difference: CERTEX focuses on the end result of the product where others also prescribe the exact procedure a laundry has to follow.

Distribution partnership for CERCLEAN® certification

As is a custom for CINET, the preferred way of supporting national markets for professional laundry & dry cleaning is in collaboration with our members and partners. As an association, consultant or supplier it might be of interest to offer additional services to members or customers. A standardized collaboration model is created to make this happen.


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