International Marketing Manager CINET

CINET is the international umbrella association for professional textile care (PTC). CINET, as a non-profit organisation, has over 90 members (national associations, international suppliers, research institutes and individual companies) and a network of 2500+ industry experts. Through our network we aim to represent the interests of some 400.000 companies that are currently active in the global PTC industry.

As the International Marketing Manager for CINET your goal will be to further build on the global network of industry experts and CINET representation. You’ll spend half of your time to personal liaise with members and relations, the other half is reserved for executing marketing campaigns. Create articles, social media posts and infographics that engage the audience. Your goal will be to drive thousands of people to get familiar with CINET and follow us via the newsletter or social media channels. Your success will expand CINET’s global reach – aiding thousands of companies to implement best practices and stimulate business growth – while simultaneously developing yourself personally as a marketing expert in the global PTC industry.

At CINET, we ask quite a lot of our employees and the organization is mostly results oriented. In return however we make sure to adequately reward success. In addition to your competitive salary this position offers some nice benefits:

  • See the world: Laundry is literary everywhere. As the international marketing manager you’ll have the opportunity to see the world and meet other cultures.
  • Training: We stimulate your personal and professional career by facilitating training and education in line with your tasks.
  • Car: If you’re in need of a lease car we can easily facilitate this under some straightforward conditions.
  • Growth: CINET is operated by a family business; there is plenty of room to grow and you can be an important part of it.

Not everyone can be an international marketing manager for CINET, the industry is very connected on an international level and you’ll have to earn your position. To be seriously considered for the role, please have the following in regards to:

  • Experience: At least 3 years in a similar role with comparable goals and responsibilities (content specialists are preferred).
  • Education: minimum is a Bachelor’s degree in English in the field of Marketing or Communications.
  • Skills: We’re in need of an excellent writer, someone who understands how to frame a message in a clear, concise, and compelling way. You must also understand the mechanics of an efficient, effective Marketing Automation campaign (verifiable experience preferred).
  • Characteristics: This is a highly autonomous position, so you should be self-sufficient and self-motivated. It’s also a creative role, so you have to be able to graceful receive criticism and feedback about your work.

As part of CINET’s team, we set out targets together as well as strategic needs, then you start experimenting, learning, and adjusting as you go. Along your journey to grow our brand’s audience and reach, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Liaising to a specific part of the international PTC community, finding partnerships and opportunities to grow the CINET network.
  • Sculpting informative, entertaining, digestible articles and social media posts that audiences can’t stop reading.
  • Publishing easy-to-skim, value-driven eBooks and papers for download in exchange for business-email addresses.
  • Crafting persuasive, laser-focused landing pages that compel your target audience to take one valuable action.
  • Purchasing targeted ad spend on well-performing social media platforms.
  • Pulling prospects through each stage of our marketing funnel, gradually warming them up for a productive conversation with results.

APPLY NOW by sending your motivation and resume to Marianne Wennekes ( who arranges HR business.