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Research & Market Development projects

Innovations and developments are an ongoing process. Based on changing demands of customers and societies, new materials, processes, ICT tools, logistics and service concepts are developed. Over the last couple of years various research & development projects were organised.

European Roadmap Textile Service 2030

By this study the industries vision of the future for textile services 2030 was published. Based on a sound market study, workshops with participants from the entire textile care chain and efforts of many specialists and experts, market profiles for 2030 and 8 business cases have been developed, which is used to set up a market driven research agenda. This innovative research agenda was used to set up consortia and partnerships (within the chain and internationally) to realize the “App store textile service 2030 with 80% energy savings”.

Laundry On Demand

Laundry on Demand (LoD) is a new innovative project that combines doing laundry with calling an Uber. It’s the goal to supply clients with professionally cleaned garments in just 3 swipes available anywhere in the country! LoD will pick up and return your garments to your doorstep. With the trend of “easy access to anything” nowadays, having the option of not having to worry about doing laundry in your busy schedule is very appealing. And with only 3-5% of the laundry being washed professionally, there is a big market to explore. CINET aims to support the development of LOD globally by closely monitoring best practices in the market and share about novelties at conferences and via online channels.


The Project Data2move (D2m) was started to help the industry move towards “Industry 4.0” and “Smart Laundry”. D2m is a collaboration of CINET and TKT with students from the TU Eindhoven and other partners in the community. D2m consists of various projects that the industry would like to see investigated through the use of the “Big Data Community”. The best ideas will have a chance to present their findings and to have them further developed.

Switch Asia project

In this  EU-China project on Voluntary Approaches (VA3), the energy-efficiency and environmental performance of Chinese industrial companies will be improved by initiating and facilitating voluntary public-private partnerships throughout China. In total this project resulted in a CO2 reduction of more that 20 megaton amongst 880 participating companies in 2 Chinese mega cities.

Country reports

Market data of some 20 major markets around the world describing trends, characteristics and short, medium and long term perspectives. Find the country reports on the WOPCOM platform

Innovations & New Technologies

In this project PTC innovations are demonstrated and evaluated. Changing customer demands require new enabling technologies allowing PTC companies to provide more advanced services. Demonstration projects provide the textile service and textile cleaning companies information about relevant future developments. New PTC services, new solvents, processing technologies, automation, functional materials, and more are subject to pilots and demonstrations. An overview of these developments are published in The CINET Book 3: The World of PTC: Innovations & New Technologies. Continuous updates and reviews of innovations and developments are organised to keep the information updated.

Benchmark on Sustainability, Energy efficiency & Quality performance

Recent developments in equipment, processes, energy efficiency, recycling and best practices increase the sustainability of the professional textile care industry. New textile cleaning and processing techniques offer new opportunities to textile cleaners. The benchmark studies provide an overview of the performances.

  • CINET benchmark study on Sustainable Textile Care

An update study on the environmental impact of professional textile services and textile cleaning in comparison with domestic laundering. The study (2015), in cooperation with Professor Stamminger from The University of Bonn (Germany), reviewed the current state of the art of domestic laundry. This study confirmed the results that professional textile care industry offers the best sustainable solution in textile cleaning currently available, up to 3 times more sustainable compared to domestic laundry.

  • Solvetex VI, benchmark study on quality performance Wetcleaning

The aim of the project was to evaluate the performance of wet cleaning processes by setting a minimum of performance requirements to give an actual picture of the quality of the current wet cleaning technology. Quality aspects incorporated were stain removal, greying and dimensional change. Wet clean processes meeting the minimum requirements are rewarded with a statement of achievement by CINET. The statement of achievement is a proof to the market that the rewarded wet cleaning system meets with the quality standards of CINET for textile care processes for sensitive garments.

  • Solvetex VII, benchmark study on quality performance solvents

The Solvetex projects provide an independent overview of the cleaning performance for professional textile cleaning processes. The previous projects evaluated currently established solvents and professional wet cleaning systems under practical conditions. Recently various new solvents have entered the market, changing the global spectrum of cleaning technology. The next Solvetex VII study will review independent evaluation reports and conditions to present an overview of the cleaning performances and technologies for these new professional textile cleaning processes. This will include Higlow (Christeyns), Intense (Seitz), Ky (Kreussler) and Sensene (Safechem). 


  • Ecotool Life Cycle Analysis, benchmark on the environmental impact

Originated from the Dutch textile manufacturing business this tool was picked up by international textile service associations. Adding the industrial laundering and textile service processes to the textile life cycle tool, resulted in a complete overview of the textile life cycle. The Ecotool gives a complete overview of environmental impact and energy efficiency of the complete textile service chain. Read more

  • Project plan washing tunnel benchmark

The benchmark for washing tunnels is split up in two phases. The aim of phase 1 is to define the different application areas/market segments for washing tunnels and the minimum quality demands for these application areas required for certification. Furthermore, an overview of the available washing tunnels of the project partners and the different market segments for which the tunnels would be applicable is prepared. Finally, a project plan for phase 2, in which the actual performance of the washing tunnels is compared with the quality demands agreed upon in this phase 1, leading to a certification by CINET of the washing tunnels for the individual market segments.

Knowledge Database

By stimulating research and development within the PTC industry and cooperating with international experts, CINET is working actively on an extensive knowledge database. This database consists of information on state of the art textile care processes, quality performances, textile materials, logistics, ICT & online developments, energy efficiency, sustainability and more. This knowledge is made available to the industry by workshops, educational programs, books, websites (WOPCOM) and brochures.

The WOPCOM – World of PTC Community is a new online platform where partners of professional textile care come together & find information on business development.  WOPCOM is a digital community platform and as such not a competitor to other information services, trade fairs, associations, trade magazines or consultants. They are all invited to use WOPCOM as the digital platform of the Professional Textile Care Industry worldwide.
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