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Research & Technology

CINET is working actively to stimulate innovation and to support exchange of knowledge by performing Research & Technology activities with an international focus, underlining the added value of international cooperation. Therefore this International Research & Technology Program is set up defining the topics and priorities. Results are reported to CINET members and used for exchange of information within the global industry. The main objective of CINET is to accelerate innovation by exchanging knowledge and practical information with an international focus:

  • Research & technology projects to meet the changing market demands in PTC.
  • Benchmark studies to provide information of quality performance, sustainability and environmental impact to profile the industry to companies, customers, stakeholders, governmental bodies.
  • Sustainability projects to provide information to optimize textile cleaning and textile service processes according to best practices to increase energy efficiency, lower the environmental impact and increase the product life cycle.

Research & Development projects

Innovations and developments are an ongoing process. Based on changing demands of customers and societies, new materials, processes, ICT tools, logistics and service concepts are developed. Over the last couple of years various research & development projects were organised.

European Roadmap Textile Service 2030

thumb_100By this study the industries vision of the future for textile services 2030 was published. Based on a sound market study, workshops with participants from the entire textile care chain and efforts of many specialists and experts, market profiles for 2030 and 8 business cases have been developed, which is used to set up a market driven research agenda. This innovative research agenda was used to set up consortia and partnerships (within the chain and internationally) to realize the “App store textile service 2030 with 80% energy savings”.


Innovations & New Technologies

In this project PTC innovations are demonstrated and evaluated. Changing customer demands require new enabling technologies allowing PTC companies to provide more advanced services. Demonstration projects provide the textile service and textile cleaning companies information about relevant future developments. New PTC services, new solvents, processing technologies, automation, functional materials, and more are subject to pilots and demonstrations. An overview of these developments are published in The CINET Book 3: The World of PTC: Innovations & New Technologies. Continuous updates and reviews of innovations and developments are organised to keep the information updated.

Logistics & Online Services

Services on a personal level are demanding mass customisation, concepts based upon flexibility in the process, automation and ICT tools to produce tailor made solutions in an efficient and effective way. These needs are the starting point for the development of new service concepts and business cases. The project SteamChallenge is developing an online service portal and logistic solution for textile cleaners. Together with universities and research institutes new logistical concepts are developed and pilots are performed to demonstrate the abilities and applicability of sustainable logistic solutions for textile care services. An overview of these developments is published in the CINET Book 4: The World of PTC: Innovations & New Services.

Benchmark on Sustainability, Energy efficiency & Quality performance

Recent developments in equipment, processes, energy efficiency, recycling and best practices increase the sustainability of the professional textile care industry. New textile cleaning and processing techniques offer new opportunities to textile cleaners. The benchmark studies provide an overview of the performances.


CINET benchmark study on Sustainable Textile Care

An update study on the environmental impact of professional textile services and textile cleaning in comparison with domestic laundering.  Proving that “Professional Textile Care is up to 3 times more sustainable compared to domestic laundering”. The brochure on this benchmark study is available in the PTC Library. More Info


Solvetex, benchmark study on quality performance

Solvetex V; the latest study published in this series, offers an overview of new solvents and their performances. The brochure is available in the PTC Library. The Solvetex projects provide an independent overview of the cleaning performance for professional textile cleaning processes. The previous projects evaluated currently established solvents and professional wet cleaning systems under practical conditions.More Info


Innovations & New Technologies

Proving that “Professional Textile Care is up to 3 times more sustainable compared to domestic laundering”. The brochure on this benchmark study is available in the PTC Library. In this project PTC innovations are demonstrated and evaluated. Changing customer demands require new enabling technologies allowing PTC companies to provide more advanced services. More Info

By stimulating research and development within the PTC industry and cooperating with international experts, CINET is working actively on an extensive knowledge database. This database consists of information on state of the art textile care processes, quality performances, textile materials, logistics, ICT & online developments, energy efficiency, sustainability and more.

This knowledge is made available to the industry by workshops, educational programs, books, brochures and the CINET website (Library).

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Sustainability & Energy efficiency

CINET continues to support the implementation of Best Practices. By implementing Best Practices professional textile care companies can achieve a safe & sustainable operation. CINET has compiled extensive documentation based on scientific studies to create awareness and raising the knowledge on sustainable operations. A step by step approach to implement these best practices on a national level was developed. With a PR campaign, information and educational content national associations are supported by implementing the best practices and creating awareness for a safe & sustainable operation.


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Introducing TKT

The Technological Knowledge centre Textile care (TKT) is a broker of knowledge in the textile care industry. By registering and mapping the need for knowledge, TKT initiates and participates in research projects and maintains in contact with international knowledge institutes, companies and experts. In addition TKT supplies information and knowledge to the textile care industry by providing training, workshops, presentations and brochures.

TKT and CINET cooperate on various research and technology projects.