Textile Rental

Textile rental companies supply textiles to business clients who do not wish to buy and manage textiles themselves. Clients can rent or lease the textiles, depending on their specific needs. Textile rental might include workwear and protective clothing, surgical gowns and healthcare linen, mats, linen for the tourism and restaurants sector, linen for elderly care etc.


What is included in textile rental services

Textile rental companies might offer a 360 services to their clients. This kind of services include selection and management of garments, cleaning and finishing, hygienically certified processes when necessary, repair or replacement of damaged textiles and of course pick up and delivery. However , it is also possible that they provide the rental without operating laundry processes themselves. In this case, they outscourse those processes to specialised partners.



Buying textiles can be very costly, especially in large organizations. It is also a difficult process when the type of textile needed has a very unique purpose. Furthermore, the logistical and practical implications of clothing a whole company can be a very time-consuming endeavor, one possibly better suited for a professional company to take on.