Wet cleaning

Wet cleaning is a term used to define alternative to dry cleaning techniques. They involve the immersion of a garment in water with detergents and other additives. The process is identical to the one followed in traditional home washing machines, but in modern industrial applications it is much milder and gentler. Thus wet cleaning can be used for delicate garments that would normally require dry cleaning.


Advantages of wet cleaning

Wet cleaning is considered less dangerous, and more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, it is not associated with the use of dangerous and toxic chemical solvents. Modern wet cleaning can be as safe and effective at removing soils, stains and odors as dry cleaning solvents. Detergents used in professional wet cleaning are also milder than home laundry products.

Nowadays, many garments that are labeled for dry cleaning only, such as silks, woolens or linens can safely be wet cleaned. Modern wet cleaning machines wash and dry clothes more gently than home washing machines. They can also be programmed for many variables, including mechanical action, or water and drying temperature. Thus, it is possible to safely clean and dry the vast majority of garments, in an environmentally friendly and financially sustainable way.