"And the GBPA 2018 winners are..."


Overall Best Practices Award

Best Overall Award Industrial Textile Services (ITS)
Nantong Fornet & Ycloset Ltd., China

Best Overall Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC)
Beijing Fornet Laundry Service, China


Innovation Award

Innovation Award ITS
Cotton Way, Russia

Innovation Award RTC
Dobbi, The Netherlands


Sustainability Award


Sustainability Award ITS
ELIS, The Netherlands

Sustainability Award RTC
Hakuyosha Co. Ltd., Japan


Special Award

Overview Special Award winners for
Exraordinary Business Development & CSR

Lifetime Award
Mr. Martin Kannegiesser


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Some of our 2018 Winners

Hitoshi Ogino
Hakuyosha Co. Ltd., Japan

Sustainability Award Winner 2018
Retail Textile Cleaning (TC)

“We are very proud of the fact that we had been able to receive the Sustainability Award at the GBPAP18. And we are grateful so much to the CINET for giving such a wonderful opportunity to us.”

Danila Morogin
Cotton Way, Russia
Innovation Award Winner 2018
Industrial Textiles Services (TS)

“It is a great honor for us to receive an award exactly for innovation - it is a recognition of our  large-scale work on the textile rental industry's development  in Russia. We are convinced that GBPA is an effective international platform for the exchange of experience.”

Mrs. Julie Lijun
Beijng Fornet Laundry Service, China
Overall Winner Global Best Practises Awards RTC 2018
Fornet Nantong Factory & Ycloset Ltd., China
Overall Winner Global Best Practises Awards ITS 2018

We were so surprised and honoured to have these two great awards by Cinet in Milano. It was such a wonderful chance to learn from the other companies with the best practices in the industry all over the world. Thank Cinet for what they have done for the development of the industry. We have been learning a lot from Cinet.”

Criteria GBPA 2018


Skills and knowledge are important to maintain professional cleaning quality. Training, education and labour policy are the basis of quality. Certification, if available, can enhance the quality approval of a professional textile cleaning company.


Implementation of best practices is the key for safe & sustainable processing. Using modern equipment, operation, optimal working methodologies enhance safe and sustainable professional textile cleaning and/or laundering.

Business model & service concept

Meeting customers’ demands of specific markets requires a clear business model that offers the best value proposition. The right services, contributing to the ease and convenience of customers and fitting into the chosen business model is therefore important. Marketing is required to communicate the key message of company.


The world is changing and so is the market demand, therefore innovations are important to cope with changing customer demands on quality and services, legislation and environmental requirements. What are the innovations of the textile cleaning / textile service company?

Key-note (from entrepreneur)

Own presentations, explanation, visualization and substantiating why the company should win the award.

Showcase examples GBPA 2018

Champion Cleaners, UAE



Lavadero Berazategui, ARGENTINA

Pierotti Group, ITALY

Vic Textiltvätt, SWEDEN

Procedure for GBPA 2018


Apply by sending as much photo and video materials as possible to CINET.


An independent, international jury will evaluate the nominees based on the 5 criteria and pitch presentations.


Each nominee that is officially entered in the competition will be visited personally by one of the jury members.

Pitch presentations

The 45 most extraordinary nominees will pitch their business for the international jury at Expo Detergo.

Award ceremony

At the award ceremony on Expo Detergo the winners of the GBPA 2018 will be made known including instant PR coverage.

Impression National Pre-selection events

Best Practices Awards UK (LCN)
All winners LCN Awards 2016

Best Practices Awards UK (LADA)

Best Practices Awards Algeria
CINET presentation Algeria

Best Practices Awards France
Winners BPA France

Best Practices Awards Russia
Winner Overal Best Practices “Dry Cleaning Shops” Ajaks

Best Practices Awards the Netherlands
Winners BPA the Netherlands Stomerij Van Kan

Best Practices Awards France
Cedric Dekeyser (C2K Pressing, Winner “Overall Best Practices Award” at the French Best Practices Awards): “These awards enhanced our wish to continue to challenge ourselves and to continually improve our way to work.”

Best Practices Awards Italy
Stefano Pierotti (Pierotti Laundry Network Group, Winner “Overall Best Practices” Award at the Italian Best Practices Awards): “Our greatest satisfaction: we have indeed won the Overall Best Practices Trophy! And it does not end here ...”

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