CINET Working Group Sessions April 2015

April 14th, 2015 - April 15th, 2015    Aloft Downtown Hotel, Atlanta, USA 
Good information exchange at CINET Working Group sessions 

Prior to Clean Working Group Sessions were held for members and liaison officers that traveled to Atlanta. The sessions resulted in interesting discussions with useful feedback which ensures future efforts from CINET are in line with expectations.

WG Marketing & PR

On the 14th of April the topics around Marketing & PR were covered, with an emphasize on a recent European market study, the best practice implementation model, a new project on business model development, the result and follow up of the Switch Asia project, a sneak peek into a global best practices awards initiative and the CINET activity and events planned for 2015/2016. In 2015 CINET has planned to organize sessions at other trade shows and events as well, additionally some online meetings will be scheduled concerning specific topics.

WG Research & Technology

The session about Research & Technology was hosted on the 15th of April, prior to the book launch of ‘The World of PTC Volume 3: Innovation & New Technologies’. This Working Group started with textile cleaning topics covering benchmark projects (comparison domestic vs. professional textile care), ICT & Online ordering, Logistics, innovations, legislative developments, best practices, certification, educational programs and the CINET book series. Subsequently the textile service subjects were presented with an emphasize on benchmark projects (hygienic laundering, energy and quality monitoring), Switch Asia, Green deal projects, innovations, Education, certification and the CINET book series.

Presentations can be found in the Working group section