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January 09th, 2017    ONLINE 

Laundry-on-Demand: The new business model in Professional Textile Care

Following the need for more information on Laundry-on-demand, CINET presents: Laundry-on-Demand: The new business model in Professional Textile Care. Aiming to illustrate a practical approach for companies towards on-demand services specifically tailored to the PTC Industry.

For all Professional Textile Care Professionals who are interested in learning about the practical application of Laundry-on-Demand. The webinar will take place in the second week of 2017 on: Monday January 9th at 15:00 (3pm) (UTC+1). Registration via the CINET website: www.cinet-online.com/businessschool/webinars.

The Laundry-Laundry-on-Demand Project
During the past few months, CINET has collaborated with NETEX, the Dutch national association for drycleaners and a member of CINET, on a market review of companies worldwide that provide a digital laundry services.

CINET recognises that Laundry-on-Demand is a subject gaining more and more interest, not only in the European market, but worldwide. In spite of the fact that this convenient service is relatively new for individual consumers, it is not difficult to find over 200 platforms already, of which at least 30-40 are making serious efforts in developing this new business model.

Subjects discussed during Webinar
The Platform Era
In newspapers and magazines we read almost daily about; ‘the world changing at a fast pace and as yet we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in this respect’. The rapid development of E-commerce is responsible for these changes. There is an app available for almost every service.

Of the online laundry platforms found, most of the initiatives can be categorised as ‘start-ups’ and are run by relatively young, ambitious entrepreneurs that are not originally from the professional textile care industry.

Growth strategy
In nine out of ten cases, the strategy is aimed at upscaling the concept as soon as possible. Start-ups that develop the fastest are the ones that continuously accumulate more capital investments.

The unanswered question: ‘Is this capital being used to upscale market penetration at a rapid pace, or is it simply a means for the start-ups to keep their heads above water?’ In other words: ‘Does the Laundry-on-demand-market actually exist?’

Outsource your laundry
The laundry-on-demand model appears to inspire a renewed growth in the professional textile care retail market.

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Deborah Leenders,
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