Implement international, objective best practices in PTC

A complete curriculum of textile courses on best practices in professional textile care (>550 hours) set up for the staff and management of textile care companies, so training for individuals.

Proven solution & continuous development

Over the past decades (>25 years) CINET has developed this knowledge database of best practices in collaboration with members  and we’ll continue to do so.

Most cost-effective solution

As a non-profit organization CINET can offer most reasonable pricing for the various textile courses. We offer transparent quotes for workshops and on the job training and fixed pricing for e-learning (easily paid online).

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Recent workshops & trainings

Workshop Wetcleaning India

Workshop CERCLEAN® Indonesia

China well deserved master in PTC

PTC Workshop Algeria Peter Wennekes

How to get started today?!

Getting started is easy, just think about the most appropriate topics for your staff & business and make your choice for e-learning, workshops & on the job training or webinars

Workshops, on the job training and webinars on request

E-learning, 24/7 available online courses

Distribution partnership for The World of PTC Business School

As is a custom for CINET, the preferred way of supporting national markets for professional laundry & dry cleaning is in collaboration with our members and partners as we believe in the power of partnership. As an association, consultant or supplier it might be of interest to offer additional services to members or customers. A standardized collaboration model is created to make this happen

In case you are interested in the distribution partnership please contact the CINET secretariat
at or via phone 0031 (0) 344 65 0430.