Textile Services

Textile services companies combine industrial laundry with textile rental services. The same firm performs the entire process of supplying, cleaning and redistributing textiles with specific and/or essential requirements. Commissioning a textile servicing company can prevent a lot of hassle. For instance, bed linen and scrubs in hospitals need to adhere to very strict rules and regulations; guidelines have been fixed for maximum bacteria counts, and dirty/clean laundry routes are not allowed to cross. So an institution can outsource their entire laundry process (without purchasing but renting the linen) to a textile service company.

The textile services industry usually works on a rental basis, to offer total service solutions a wide variety of industries. The services cover workwear provision, infection-free bedsheets and surgical gowns to healthcare providers, protective laboratory coats or clean linen to hotels. Textile services companies have a vast expertise in logistics, design, laundry and textile care services. The textiles’ lifecycle lies at the core of the sector’s activities, with a specific aim to minimise carbon footprint, reduce chemical use and energy consumption, and manage waste.