CEE-TEX 2014: Meeting point for growth & business opportunities

The first CEE-TEX event has shown its potential as a platform for strengthening the collaboration and position of Professional Textile Care (PTC) in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE-region). With the attendance of the region’s leading organizations, over 8 hours of notable presentations, and an abundance of plans for further collaboration the inaugural CEE-TEX has proven to be a great success.

With some 200 attendees—representing PTC companies, suppliers, associations, as well as individual professionals and experts—the event offered ample opportunity for networking, exchanging information and discussing future plans.

Speaking topics during the inaugural CEE-TEX summit covered sustainability, energy savings, technology solutions, new business models and e-learning. Additionally, the summit facilitated country introductions and roundtable discussions—a CEE’s first!

TTE, CINET and TMTE heartily thank the national sponsors Procter & Gamble and Hohenstein and international sponsors Dow|Safechem, Christeyns, Union, Firbimatic and Realstar for their enthusiasm and contributions.

Organisation CEE-TEX 2014 was organized by the Hungarian Textile Cleaning Association (TTE) and CINET in cooperation with TMTE, it was supported by national associations and organisations from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria.

The next CEE-TEX event will take place in 2015. Further information will be made available later this year.