CEE-TEX 2014: Trends, Technology & Networking

From 12 until 14 November 2014 CEE-TEX takes place, an international event for textile professionals in Central and Eastern Europe. This initiative is developed to strengthen the cooperation and overall position of Professional Textile Care (PTC) in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE-region). The event is organized by the Hungarian Textile Cleaning Association and CINET in cooperation with TMTE and support of national associations and organisations from Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria. Translations will be available in Hungarian, English and a variety of other languages.

CEE-TEX aims to provide a platform for PTC companies, their suppliers, national associations, as well as individual professionals and experts. All are brought under one roof to gather and exchange information, learn about the latest trends, technologies and developments. The program not only offers information on market characteristics and trends, but also provides best practice information on how to achieve excellence in daily operations, starting from tomorrow.
CEE-TEX 2014 is centred on best practices in green textile cleaning, environment protection, energy efficiency, and sustainable processing in the Professional Textile Care sector. CEE-TEX 2014 will demonstrate the latest trends and technologies in the PTC market through an exhibition and presentations by renowned speakers. The event contains an exhibition, a national conference, the inaugural CEE-TEX summit, evening programs, and a tour—everything under one roof at the Ramada Hotel & Resort Lake Balaton in Hungary.

CEE-TEX 2014 Program
12 November
14.00 – Exhibitor Arrival
16.00 – Registration
18.00 – Opening ceremony
19.00 – Gala dinner and evening program

13 November
09.00 – National Conference
14.00 – CEE-TEX summit
18.00 – Closing ceremony
19.00 – Gala dinner and evening program

14 November
Bus tour: Laundry and dry-cleaning salon visit and sight-seeing tour in Budapest

The National Conference
During the National Conference speakers will elaborate on green laundry, EU regulations, energy and water savings, the economic outlook, financial support for sustainable investments, and certification. In addition, the Hungarian 5th placed candidate in the CINET European Award Best Practices Textile Cleaning 2014 will present his business case.

CEE-TEX summit
CINET performed extensive research over the last years with the contribution of over 100 global esteemed experts in the industry, benchmarking studies and developed learning materials. The keynote CINET speakers in the afternoon program on Thursday, November 13 include Mr. P.N.M.Wennekes, Mr. T. Lucassen, and Mr. G. Böttger. Speaking topics include sustainability, energy savings, technology solutions, new business models, and e-learning.

For more information please visit www.cee-tex.com