CINET presents: “The World of PTC” book-series

EXPOdetergo 2014
CINET presents: “The World of PTC” book-series

In January of 2013 CINET has launched the project “World of PTC” which is the start of a collection of books concerning Professional Textile Care (PTC) around the world. This project is organized with input of the CINET Liaison Officers and active support of PTC organizations worldwide. The project is being coordinated by the secretariat in The Netherlands. The first objective is to produce two books by the end of this year that can serve the global PTC industry.

The first volume, ‘Safe and Sustainable Processing in PTC’ is on working methods in textile cleaning and textile service. The book provides an extensive description of the International Standard Best Practices in Safe & Sustainable PTC processing. Is also includes an overview of recent innovations in the industry and inform about current best practices in countries and regions around the world. Also, the processing issues for dry-cleaning as well as industrial laundering and other specific cleaning processes will be discussed. The book is published in November 2013.

The second volume, ‘Market Characteristics and Trends in PTC’, presented at EXPOdetergo International 2014 on October 3, contains an overview of PTC markets worldwide. On the one hand these books contain a collection of facts and figures on markets of professional textile care. On the other hand markets will be presented through the eyes of regional experts in the form of written contributions and editorials.

As a result these books are “by professionals for professionals and stakeholders to the PTC industry”. The books are part of an even more extended database, which is expected to be launched by the end of this year. The full color 400+ page books in the English language can be ordered at the CINET secretariat at euro 750,- (excl. VAT and transport cost). In case of bulk order specials offers can be made. CINET members are offered a discount of 50%. CINET aims to provide a better understanding about different markets, to profile the PTC industry and provide information for new innovations and cooperation in research.

For more information you can contact:

CINET Secretariat
Postbus 10
NL4060 GA Ophemert
Tel: +31 344 650 430
Fax: +31 344 652 665

List of Contents
Volume 1. Safe and Sustainable Processing in PTC
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Principals of sustainability
2.1 Definition
2.2 Recycling
2.3 Cradle to Cradle
2.4 Refunctionalising
Chapter 3. Historical developments
3.1 Textile cleaning
3.2 Textile service & Industrial laundry
Chapter 4. PTC processes “state of the art”
4.1 Textile cleaning
4.2 Textile service & Industrial Laundry
4.3 Drying
4.4 Finishing
4.5 ICT & Logistics
Chapter 5. New developments and innovation
5.1 Future perspective
Chapter 6. Sustainable processing in PTC
6.1 Energy
6.2 Water
6.3 Chemicals
Chapter 7. Health, Safety & environment
7.1 Health
7.2 Safety
7.3 Environmental impact
Chapter 8. Legislation & regulation
8.1 International
8.2 European
Chapter 9. Validation & Certification
9.1 Quality
9.2 Labelling
9.3 Process control
9.4 Process validation
9.5 Certification
Chapter 10. Lifecycle
10.1 Lifecycle analysis
Chapter 11. Expert vision Volume 2. Market Characteristics and Trends in PTC

Volume 2. Market Characteristics and Trends in PTC
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Professional Textile Care defined
Chapter 3. Country profiles Europe
Chapter 4. Country profiles America
Chapter 5. Country profiles Asia
Chapter 6. Country profiles Australia and NZ
Chapter 7. Country profiles Middle East
Chapter 8. Country profiles Africa
Chapter 9. Continents overview

The structure per region/country is:
I. General facts and figures
A.1 Demographics
A.2 Government
A.3 Economy

II. Textile cleaning
B.1 Facts and figures
B.2 Market characteristics
B.3 Services
B.4 Market segments
B.5 Competitive landscape
B.6 Trends and challenges
B.7 Future outlook
Company profiles
Business cases
Expert Visions

III. Textile Service and Industrial Laundry
C.1 Facts and figures
C.2 Market characteristics
C.3 Services
C.4 Market segments
C.5 Competitive landscape
C.6 Trends and challenges
C.7 Future outlook
Company profiles
Business cases
Expert Visions
List of contents