CINET project: International Standard; Best Practices in Safe & Sustainable professional textile cleaning (E-DryClean)

Launch P.R. Campaign: 13th of October 2013, JET, Paris
With this project CINET brought worldwide available expertise together and established a globally accepted reference document. This document explains the sustainability of modern Professional Textile Cleaning operations and guide textile care professionals to safe and sustainable working processes with solvents. By adopting this working methodology professional textile cleaning becomes 2-3 times more sustainable than domestic cleaning, according to the esteemed Dutch research institute TNO. In this way, customers can be provided a sustainable solution to maintain textiles and garments as if they were new. The reference document is compiled with the input of many international associations, research institutes and suppliers.

P.R. Campaign
The Professional Textile Care business should be welcomed and appreciated in all countries around the world as an excellent solution to the environment as well as the welfare and wellbeing of humans. For this reason, in cooperation with ECSA and international suppliers, an International P.R. Campaign is prepared to be introduced / launched at the JET show in Paris, 13th of October 2013.

Green Certification
The “Certificate Sustainable Textile Cleaner”, can be acquired after finishing the E-DryClean program. This Green certificate profiles the drycleaner as a modern, professional and sustainable textile cleaner who executes textile cleaning processes as an professional and handle chemical solvents in a sustainable and safe way. The certificate underlines an environmental friendly approach, regardless of the solvent that is being used, that is up to 3 times more sustainable compared to domestic textile cleaning.

Green Safety
CINET values safe operations for employees and the environment. CINET believes that it is of great importance to raise a maximum awareness to the industry that sustainable processing is essential for safe working and living conditions and to prevent environmental problems with high costs in the future.

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