CINET to present “FTN App Store Textile Service 2030” book

CINET will present the International “App Store Textile Service 2030” book at Texcare International in Frankfurt. This book is derived from the Roadmap Textile Service 2030 project of FTN (the Dutch Textile Service Association). FTN commissioned a project in 2011 to describe the market conditions in 2030. The main objective of this project was to identify an innovation program and research projects to modernize the textile care industry and prepare for market demand in the future. This book describes the expected market demand and necessary technological changes needed to respond to this market demand. The “App Store Textile Service 80% reduction of energy consumption” research program was launched in the Netherlands in November 2011 and will be launched in Europe at Texcare Frankfurt.

100 project idea’s The “App Store Textile Service 2030” study developed a future plan for textile services including innovations in the fields of textile materials, new and targeted functionalization and care techniques, information and communication technology and logistics. These tasks are grouped into 16 innovational topics. These cover some 100 project ideas for (inter)national prospects for the short, medium and longer term. These were supported by FTN-members with a letter of intent for a total value of almost 9 million euro for the next 5 years. Experts who are part of the project estimated that the implementation of the new research program can realize a reduce of energy consumption of 80% .

CINET the International Committee of Textile Care (CINET), is the umbrella organization pooling national textile care associations, research institutes, suppliers and PTC professionals worldwide. CINET´s international mission is to build a Global Network of industry experts and represent and promote the textile care industry. The global partnership of CINET consists of 48 members and 103 liaisons coming from 45 different countries.