CLA: Chinese dynamics in a changing PTC Market

CLA: Chinese dynamics in a changing PTC market The China Laundry Association is a growing association in a growing PTC industry. However, China also sees its booming characteristics gradually changing into more mature dimensions. The increase in the huge Middle Class population created the dynamics over the last decades. Now the cost of living is rising heavily, houses are becoming more expensive, skilled labour is difficult to get, in many cases labour is not even available at all. This lead to interesting discussions in a panel of entrepreneurs at the Summit of 6 August in Beijing. There were creative solutions as to how the Chinese PTC industry can deal with these aspects and find new ways for growth and prosperity. The attendants seemed united when they reached the conclusion that new sustainable concepts were needed to provide new opportunities.

In the morning of the Summit, CINET CEO Peter Wennekes introduced the Best Practice concept and explained the need for introducing Best Practices in Chinese laundries and how this could be realised. Presentations of Hohenstein, (Professional Laundry Quality Certification – International Recognition Laundry Quality), Fujitsu Washable UHF RIFD Tag & Use Cases and mr Guanhua Ma of Japan and General Condition of Functional Textiles and Test Method by mr Gong Yan of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology were well received by the CLA members, as well as the President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Mr. Zhang Zhigang and Vice president Ms. Wang Huiyng. The direction was clear and was presented in parallel session for laundries and drycleaners during the afternoon by a number of esteemed speakers.

The Laundry Expo is traditionally a more national show in Beijing. The show was well attended, though a number of international suppliers were not present. Exhibitors were pleased with the visitor numbers and suggested that the dynamics in the China Laundry sector will continue for the years to come. The number of Chinese suppliers is growing. They manufacture in most cases not a European quality product line, but calculate price levels accordingly. The export of this equipment is growing rapidly mainly to India, Russia and other Asian countries. The Laundry Expo show will be hold next year in Shanghai again from 20-22 September 2014.We can highlight the following exhibitors:

Shanghai Weishi Machinery
Shanghai Weishi Machinery Ltd. exhibited its full product line accompanied by great presentations on the exhibit floor by General Manager Mr. Victor Lu. He explained the features of the new Continuous Batch Washing machine that Shanghai Weishi introduced to the Chinese market recently.

Sea Lion
Sea Lion was extremely well introduced at the Laundry Expo. As Ms Hue’s explained in the historic background of this company, Sea Lion was founded in 1970. It is one of the earliest manufacturers of commercial washing machines in China. Since 1980, the Group has originated China’s first fully-automatic washer-extractor, fully-automatic dry washer, and automatic ironing machine. In 1999, it successfully developed XGQ-200F fully-automatic industrial washer with the largest capacity all over the country. Sea Lion has now become one of the few manufacturers capable of producing large-capacity washing machines in the world.

Primus Laundry
Primus Laundry showed a new design R machine presented by Mr. Bert Debevere. The machine is a good example of the quality and excellent design features Primus incorporates into its equipment. The construction of the holes in the drum, a patented processing system make the machine a true sustainable attractive offer. Primus constantly invest in its capabilities to develop continuously improved product solutions in terms of environmental and user friendliness as well as hygienic quality standards.

H’anor is a franchise chain offering its clients maintenance of leather products according to the highest standards. Over a period of about 10 years, the franchise concept grew into a chain of more than 3000 franchisee’s, with creative and high–end solutions, appreciated by a fast growing number of Chinese consumers.

Unisec China
The Chinese subsidiary of the Spanish company Unisec demonstrated a full product line in dry cleaning equipment. Ms Candy Xu explained the company structure and highlighted the product line. UNISEC is one of the few machines in the world made nowadays, with all the components in contact with the Perch and its gases, in Stainless Steel and extras that are already obligatory in many countries. At the present time, the UNISEC factory is at 20 minutes of the Beijing airport. There, they count on an area of more than 8800 m2, from which 4000 m2 are built.