CLEAN 13 New Orleans: Partnership China Laundry Association – CINET; Innovation and Safe & Sustainable Processing

As part of the CINET program: “International Standard of Best Practices Safe & Sustainable Processing in PTC, the China Laundry Association (CLA) and the International Committee of Professional Textile Care CINET announce a partnership in the field of Innovation and Safe & Sustainable Processing in the Chinese professional textile care industry. This is expected to include cooperation in international research and technology development. It will also include a joint program for implementation of a structural system of energy saving and safe & sustainable processing in Chinese laundries within the framework of the European Community Switch Asia program.

This year CLA has become a member of CINET to accelerate the development and implementation of new safe & sustainable processing technologies in Chinese laundries. CLA actively supports CINET publications “The World of PTC” on defining appropriate safe & sustainable processing technologies, as well as global market characteristics and market trends. These books will be published by the end of this year.

CINET exploits a vast database on innovation and best practices in PTC (including E-DryClean and E-WetClean E-Learning programs) and supports CLA with implementing these tools and expertise. In this line CLA and CINET agreed to elaborate a more intense cooperation for research and technology development on sustainable processing in Chinese laundries and drycleaners. This cooperation is foreseen within and beyond the framework of the Switch Asia Project, a joint project of the European Community and P.R. of China.

The Switch Asia Voluntarily Agreement – 3 Project started in 2012 and the first 700 SME PTC companies in Nanjing and Jinghzou are expected to participate by the end of this year. VA3 incorporates a voluntarily agreement on energy saving and environmental management in public private partnerships. CLA and CINET will actively cooperate to implement the VA3 methodology in China, during and after the expiration date of the 2,8 million Euro Switch Asia project in 2015.

The China Laundry Association (CLA) is the Chinese umbrella association for the dry-cleaning and laundry industry. CLA represents regional and megacities associations over China, as well as suppliers and other institutions. CLA has over 600 Member organizations.

CINET, the international committee of Professional Textile Care is the global umbrella association representing national associations, franchise companies, international suppliers and research institutes. CINET participates and coordinates international research projects and organizes conferences and workshops to stimulate exchange of information to accelerate innovation. CINET represents over 50 organizations, 150 liaisons and a global network of over 1000 industry experts. (Recent new members besides CLA are the Russian Association of Drycleaners and Laundries and Electrolux).

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