Book Launch Volume 3: The World of PTC: Innovations & New Technologies

April 15th, 2015    Aloft Downtown Hotel, Atlanta, USA 

This meeting was joined by some 25 PTC experts (of 80 contributers in total) which provided each other with thelatest novelty for the industry from their company. This resulted in a most interesting meeting, showing the astonishing pace of innovation within the PTC industry.

Remarkable pace of Innovation
Putting all these recent developments and business cases in PTC together in a book like ‘The World of PTC Volume 3: Innovations & New Technologies’ results in the only possible conclusion. The PTC industry is developing with an astonishing pace, coming up with most sustainable solutions with a keen eye on future business perspectives. Both effectivity and efficiency are optimized to large extends leading to better profit margins and as an industry there is increasingly emphasize on CSR (corporate social responsibility). All together the outline for future business is good, and although there are some significant changes ahead the total market volume of the PTC sector will experience strong growth.

Mr. C. Kamp of Kannegieser explaining a.o. about the 'Smart Laundry'

Mr. C. Kamp of Kannegieser explaining a.o. about the ‘Smart Laundry’

Contents of the meeting brought to you by:
Mr. Geert Böttger of CINET – Professional Textile Cleaning & Textile Service in a Future Perspective
Mr G. Cuppini of UNION S.p.A. – Machine Technology Development as driver for new PTC businesses
Mr M. Calisti of Metalprogetti S.p.a. – Assembly systems for Textile Cleaning
Mr. R. Tye of ABS – Monitoring, Track & Trace by UHF-RFID
Mr. C. Kamp of Kannegiesser – Machinery Developments in Textile Services
Mr. T. Maxwell of Greenearth – Striving for Sustainable Garment Care
Mr. R. Moors of Christeyns – New products & concepts
Mr. M. Seiter of Kreussler – Wetcleaning update
Mr. B. Hoefges of Veit – Energy Efficient Finishing
Ms. L. Jensen-Holm of Novozymes – Innovative washing with multi-enzymes
Mr. R. Moors of Christeyns presenting for WSP – Laundry Dashboard; Optimize your Laundry
Mr. J. Benjamin of Xeros – Bead Cleaning
Mr. D. Grendysa of Primus – Optimize drying processes
Mr. M. Andresen of Inwatec ApS – Automated Laundry sorting processes

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