Clean Show 2015

April 16th, 2015 - April 19th, 2015    Atlanta, USA 

Clean Show 2015 Atlanta; positivism all over the industry
The 2015 edition of the Clean Show was hosted in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center from April 16-19, thereby expanding to a four-day show. The show covers approximately 195,000 sq. ft. and exhibits over 400 companies related to PTC.
 Brian Wallace (President of this years Clean Show)
opens the show together with Sponsor Associations
Exhibitors response

As a first response the vast majority of the exhibiting companies expressed positive and promising words, especially for the Thursday and Friday. The floor was busier than the last edition and generally speaking the visitors showed a more serious attitude, looking for specific products. This lead to the conclusion that the industry officially is pursuing (renewed) growth and that resulted in a positive vibe on the floor. Concerning novelties the exhibitors didn’t bring revolutionary new products to the show, but most interesting observations could be done in a lint removal system for dryers, (new) alternative solvents, a desalination process for water re-use, special textiles and a most informative app for the Smartphone. The full report on novelties is found Novelties at Clean15.

Set up of the show

The Clean show is hosted every two years in the United States and attracts some 10,000 visitors. It returns to Atlanta since 1987. Most editions have been held in Las Vegas and New Orleans (both five times), but since the congress center has renovated utilities offer sufficient means to organize the show in Atlanta. Last edition (2013) was in New Orleans and attracted 10,300 people including 1,663 people from outside the USA. This year more visitors from America are expected, including serious attention from Latin American countries, and some less from other continents. As usual with Clean, there are five sponsoring associations from the USA (ALM, CLA, DLI, TCATA and TRSA) that represent the different fields of Professional Textile Care. Amongst others these associations provide the educational sessions from the show. The next Clean Show will be held in Las Vegas, June 19 – 22 in 2017.

 Show overview
Educational sessions

Also for the 2015 edition the show offered a variety of educational sessions (presentations) with over 40 hours of information on marketing trends, technological info, business management matters and environmental and legislative issues. At Clean it is a custom that the majority of educational sessions are offered in the morning between 8 and 10 am (with the show opening at 9 am). Apart from the morning one or two sessions were scheduled around lunch time as well. General tendency that can be observed for the sessions was that the content is becoming more practical, full of tips and tricks that can be used in business.

Novelties & other interesting developments at Clean 15
As can be expected from one of the major PTC trade shows worldwide Clean 15 was full of interesting developments and as well as a set of innovations that suppliers exhibited.
Landuwasco received recognition of 50 year dealership
At the Clean show in Atlanta Landuwasco BV Wasserijtechniek received from the hands of Mr Pellerin an award in recognition of 50 years as a Milnor dealer. Landuwasco, based in The Netherlands, is the distributor for Milnor in this region. Walter ten Hagen and Alex van Nieuwenhuysen are congratulated with their efforts and contribution to the laundry industry.
 Alex van Nieuwenhuysen, Jim Pellerin and Walter ten Hagen
Online app launched for dry cleaning operation
An app with information on all aspects of the dry cleaning operation was launched by BÖWE at the Clean show. The application is available for Apple and Android smartphones. The app can be downloaded free of charge and gives information about machinery, fibres, solvents, spotting, finishing, and more. As mr Alex Arrighi from BÖWE explained “the app is the updated online version of the well-known green book of BÖWE”.
New dry cleaning solvent Intense®
At the Clean show Seitz presented their new solvent Intense®. The solvent is a boosted hydro carbon solvent and suitable for all HCS dry cleaning machines. The solvent has a KB value of 73 and a flashpoint of 64°C, which is slightly higher compared to the standard hydro carbon solvent. As mr Alexander Seitz explained “the solvent is developed to increase the cleaning property and is worldwide introduced at the Clean show”.

Dry cleaning solvents well represented at Clean
The different solvent suppliers for the dry cleaning industry where well represented at the Clean show. From Europe Kreussler (Solvon K4), Seitz (Intense) and Christeyns (HiGlo) where present and their booths where well visited. From the American continent GreenEarth, Streets and Caled where present. Streets, Adco and Laidlaw are merged together, but will continue offering their own chemical products like the DF-2000 HCS and their own detergent product lines. Caled is offering their solvents, like GenX and Impress, not only in the USA but on a global scale.

Alternative cleaning solution under attention
After being presented at the Expo Detergo the Union Cloud machine is also introduced in America by the FMB group. The bead cleaning technology was well represented by Xeros at the Clean show with a cleaning machine and dryer. Professional wet cleaning systems were presented by the Alliance group, Girbau, Kreussler and Seitz. The wet cleaning technology was under special attention from the south American market. Primus (Alliance group) also presented a medium size heat pump dryer for an more energy efficient drying process.
Innovative lint removal system on dryers
American Dryer Corp. (ADC) launched its new innovation, IntelliLint™, at the Clean Show. The system removes lint automatically by capturing it in water and automatically disposing of the lint/water mixture in a standard drain. The system eliminates the need for lint screens and will be available on ADC’s full range of the i-Series dryers.
Walter ten Hagen & Alex van Nieuwenhuysen at the new ADC dryer

New desalination process for water re-use
To solve difficult total dissolved solids (TDS) removal in industrial Laundry, Voltea presents at the Clean show a new desalination process for the industry. The technology, CapDI (Capacitive deionization), desalinates brackish water at a low economic and environmental cost. It works with electrodes separated from the water flow by membranes to remove dissolved salts selective. CapDI is a simple and innovative way to remove dissolved salts from water.

Synthetic textiles with enhanced moisture contol
In the American market synthetic fibres like polyesters is more use compared to Europe. The improvement of comfort and especially moisture control is therefore important. For health care applications several new products are presented at the Clean show to improve skin care. Conni presented a new bed pad with fast moisture wicking synthetic fibres and breathable properties. Also MIP presented a bed pad, Fusion®. This is a thin synthetic bed pad with high absorbency and fast wicking features to support skin care. RieNu showed 100% recycled polyester linen with enhanced properties.

Anti-microbial textiles for health care
Several companies presented their anti-microbial textile solutions for the health care market. Encompass presented Cupron, a line with textiles using copper technology for anti-microbial properties. Standard textiles presented DermaTherapy®, anti-microbial fabric for bedlinen and patient apparel with fast moisture wicking and a smooth surface to enhance skin care. Also LifeThreads launched a line of the synthetic fiber, Grace, at the Clean show with anti-microbial properties based on zinc technology.

Flexible laundry processes at the Clean
Flexibility in the laundry processes becomes more important to meet specific needs of customers. The prevent empty pockets in tunnels and guarantee the quality new concepts are developed. Kannegiesser showed at Clean the “true standing bath” technology on the tunnel. Jensen showed the MaxiLine Batch Washer models and the new wash extractor and dryer product line. Lowering water consumption is important in the USA, an example is the RinSave® technology of Milnor to remove wash liquor between the last wash and the rinse cycle. Also the drying processes are optimized with process measurements to steer the process settings. Ironing, finishing and folding processes becoming faster with a higher quality and lower energy consumption as shown by Jensen, Kannegiesser, Vega and LaPauw. Chicago Dyer showed an ironer equipped with the Mobics camera inspection system, distributing this system in America. Also producers from China where present at the show like Sea-lion, Sailstar and Weishi. Sea-lion and Weishi even displayed their batch washers at the Clean show.

Development of chemistry for industrial laundry
Ecolab presented the OxyGuard 40 process as the dedicated low temperature chemistry for the hospitality industry. Restora™, chemistry for healthcare laundry to enable adhesive removal from linen during the wash process is presented, especially for the American market where this problem occurs more often. Also Christeyns was on the clean show to present their known approach to the US market, with the biodegradable chemistry, dosing systems and services.
The Christeyns USA team & their appealing marketing campaign  

Automation and RFID
The interest in automation, information and communication technology was increased compared to previous Clean shows. Automation and monitoring software where presented by amongst others Softrol, Spindle , Senso Technics and ABS Laundry Solutions. Also RFID systems where presented at the Positek RFID and ABS booth. Also the use of these chips by garment dispensing systems where presented on the Positek booth by LCT with a Multicab System. Fujitsu and Datamars mainly presented the RFID chips suitable for industrial laundry processes.
Mr. Anne de Boer, Mr. Gerard van de Donk and Mr. Tim Lee of ABS at the Clean Show