Texcare Asia 2015

November 25th, 2015 - November 27th, 2015    Shanghai, China 

Texcare Asia Shanghai 2015; Upscaling of the industry towards quality, productivity and efficiency

The Texcare Asia show, from 25-27 November, in the New International Exhibition Centre in Shanghai showed the evolution of the professional textile care industry towards quality, productivity and efficiency on 17,000 sqm.

Developing to an professional business
The Texcare Asia show in Shanghai demonstrated that the professional textile care industry in Asia is developing very fast to an professional and serious business. The trend noticed during the previous edition, two years ago, of upscaling of volume, quality and productivity by continuous equipment has evolved the last years. The Chinese suppliers have demonstrated their ability to develop and demonstrate a range of professional laundry equipment.

Range of continuous equipment
More than 10 tunnel washers were present at the show, including automated drying, finishing and folding equipment. Also the transportation of soiled and clean textiles is professionalised. Although the quality differs from supplier to supplier.

Request for new and more efficient equipment
The realisation that for a constant quality and high productivity a continuous flow is required is noticeable at the show. Also the increasing labour costs is stimulating the development towards effective equipment. The increasing awareness of the environmental impact of industry has resulted in more attention from the government. This leads to investments in new, more efficient, equipment.

Integration and rental service concepts foreseen
Nevertheless the integration of the equipment in a smart laundry lay-out and operation is still an issue that needs development. Perhaps this will be the development of the coming years. The attention for new service concepts like the textile rental business can stimulate the evolution of the professional laundry business in Asia from Laundry to textile service.

Texcare Asia Forum & Master Class; Sharing PTC developments and practical know-how

At the 2015 edition of Texcare Asia CINET organized the Forum for the fifth time. It was a full program providing the visitor with an overview of imporant take-aways for their own business, awarded with a special master class certificate at the end.

Mr.Johannes Schmid-Wiedersheim, Director Brand Management of Texcare


On the 25th of November, the opening day of the show, the afternoon was filled with interesting key note speakers bringing global developments and showcases to the audience. Trends in PTC were shared from different perspectives like marketing & business models, technology and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). After the key-note speakers presented their paper 9 international suppliers presented their latest innovation for the Asian market. The afternoon was concluded with a Asian PTC expert panel, consisting of top-laundry managers & assocaiton representatives. Alltogehter this afternoon provided the listener with a reflection on directions and developments worldwide, subsequently these can be benchmarked with their own business and strategies.
Master class ‘The Trick of Earning Money’
On the second day of the show, a full day of Forum program was organized much more aimed at practical and operational aspects of the PTC business. Both dry cleaning and laundry business were included in the program, aiming to provide the audience with a full package of information on the latest developments in machinery, detergents and solvents, operational excellence and marketing strategies. To gather all these contents CINET invited over 35 experts from the global industry to particiate in the program (see overview of speakers here). Each session was approximately 30 minutes including a 5 minute timeframe to discuss some questions and provide the audience the opportunity to speak their minds and create some interaction.International Professional Textile Care Certificate
For all registered attendees CINET & Messe Frankfurt have arranged a specially designed certificate provided to the public at the end of the show. This certificate demonstrates the knowledge & expertise gained from this Forum on PTC operational excellence.

Ms. Wu, Director of Corporate Rooms Shangri-La hotels