Texcare Asia Forum 2017

September 27th, 2017 - September 29th, 2017    Shanghai, China 

Texcare Forum 2017; “Innovative PTC; Meeting Individual Client Demands”

Texcare Asia is a highly specialised trade fair for modern textile care, providing manufacturers and suppliers in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry with an exceptional opportunity to present their products and services to a targeted audience of industry professionals. CINET organizes the Texcare Forum 2017 “Innovative PTC; Meeting Individual Client Demands”, a two-day forum program including lectures from industry experts worldwide.

A huge variety of industry experts will be brought together, sharing knowledge and practical know-how during the Forum. As the PTC market in Asia is still rapidly evolving and growing companies increasingly start looking for opportunities in automation and the integration of processing. Both the show and the forum will provide the visitor with all the elements PTC businesses are looking for.


September 27; “The Professional Laundry Experience”

13.00 hrs    Welcome by Elgar Straub on behalf of VDMA, CINET and introduction of the Conference by moderator Peter N.M. Wennekes, President/CEO of CINET

13.15 hrs    ASIA & The World of PTC by Mrs. J. Lijun, General Manager of Fornet

  • Asia market trends and customer needs
  • PTC Business in a global perspective
  • Successful PTC services in Asia transition markets
  • Asia Profitable PTC Business Cases

14.00 hrs    Special (online) Laundry Services by Mr. L. Wennekes, Secretary General of CINET

  • Traditional laundering towards robotized cleaning
  • From (big) data to SMART data
  • The internet of things
  • Laundry on Demand

14.45 hrs    “High End professional Cleaning for High End Markets” by Mr. M. Taslim, General Manager of Jeeves of Belgravia Jakarta

  • High End Markets Characteristics and trends
  • The added value of  Branding
  • Customer retention
  • The latest innovations in PTC technology and services
  • Sustainable Processing and Quality Improvements

15.40 hrs    Creating Added Value in PTC; “On the edge of thinking” by Mr. G. Böttger, General Manager of ExpoConsulting GmbH

  • The success of the PTC Rental Business Case
  • Processing at the lowest operational cost
  • Automated integrated processing (industry 4.0)
  • The concept of Total Problem Solutions
  • Hygienical Cleaning according to RABC/14065
  • Functional needs of clients and end users
  • Opportunities by adopting “Cost of Ownership”

16.10 hrs     “Transformation Systematic Laundry Using RFID Technology for Business Innovation in the laundry industry” by Mr. TP Chan, CEO of Systematic Laundry & Healthcare Service Pte Ltd.

16.30 hrs    The PTC Business Roulette; Discussion with Experts of the Business; Mrs. J. Lijun (Fornet), Mrs. Z. Ismail (Drop&Wash), Mr. M. Taslim (Jeeves of Belgravia  Jakarta), Mr. G. Böttger (ExpoXonsulting GmbH), Mr. P. Wennekes (CINET)

  • PTC Business optimisation by Key-Performance indicators (KPI’S)
  • Secrets of the best business strategies
  • Innovation as a competitive tool

16.55 hrs    Brief Summary & your PTC Future Perspective by Mr. P. Wennekes

17.00 hrs    Closure of Meeting


September 28; PTC Masterclass “Professional Laundry Management 2017”

13.00 hrs     Welcome on behalf of Messe Frankfurt Shanghai & Introduction of the PTC Master Class

13.10 hrs      How to set up profitable PTC businesses in Asia by Kannegiesser GmbH

  • The key success factors of the rental linen case
  • Calculating according to “Cost of Ownership” principles
  • Mass Customisation and added value
  • Online services and customer satisfaction

14.00 hrs    Improving your Performance by saving Costs by Jensen GmbH

  • Integrated PTC manufacturing; increasing productivity
  • (RFID) Data systems as efficiency tools
  • Reducing Labour cost by automated processing

14.50 hrs    The Facts & Figures on energy savings; How much can you save? By Dr.Ir. H. Gooijer of TKT

  • Structural Energy Savings and processing savings go together
  • The value of Monitoring and day to day Measurements
  • Main factors for energy savings and how to set up improvements
  • Selection of textiles to improve life time
  • “Low Fruit” & energy saving planning, Switch Asia update report 2017

15.40 hrs    The PTC Technology Roulette; Discussion with experts of the business; TP Chan (Laundry Network), Jensen, Kannegiesser, Datamars, WSP, Ecolab

  • Newly Available PTC processing Technologies
  • RFID; the key to mass production for individuals
  • an insight view in lay-out & design of PTC plants
  • Professional management of Industrial laundries

16.30 hrs    Sustainable Processing according to Best Practices; Expert opinions!

  • Selection of today’s available solvents by Dr.Ir. H. Gooijer of TKT
  • Wetcleaning a viable solution by Büfa Care GmbH
  • Safety and Best practices by Mr. F. Aarts of FTN trade association
  • implementation of natural gas stead of coal by Mr. ten Hagen of Landuwasco BV
  • Waste management and responsibility

16.50 hrs    Summary and Master Class Certificates

17.00 hrs    Closure of Meeting