Global E-learning new style introduced!

For professional textile care companies and their employees dedicated E-learning courses are available; E-DryClean and E-Industrial Laundry. Both are available globally in over 10 languages. These courses offer comprehensive information on best practices enabling safe, healthy and sustainable processing. CINET now introduces thoroughly revised courses not only offering updated state of the art information but also new, modern learning methods are applied.

Online learning environment
Companies focus more on education and training to raise the overall quality level within the company. But also to enable people developing their knowledge and skills in the trade and thus offer them an interesting perspective at the company. Educational concepts can support this. Making more and better use of opportunities offered by an online learning environment. Continuous personal development become more attractive. Focal point is to offer modules containing information and materials that match the level of the employee.

The learning method offers three levels of education so the right training is available for employees at all levels. These levels are:

C Basic principles: this level discusses the basics of textile care as the process of dry cleaning or laundry, use of cleaning methods and the machinery and equipment.

B Best practice operation: safety and sustainability are the key topics of this level. People learn how the process can be optimized so that not only energy efficiency is increased but also safe and sustainable operation to ensure a safe working environment for employees an sustainable processes to protect the environment;

A Operational excellence: this level focuses on improving and optimizing business processes and covers ICT, automation, trends and developments and new business models.

Thematic, interactive and modular
The renewed courses present information in a more thematic manner so it is possible to choose the training that is in line with the level and needs of employees. Three levels are available. The different modules are divided ranging from the basics to more operational and management issues. This makes it possible to deepen acquired knowledge. Modules are more interactive and the addition of video and animations the material is more accessible. Progress of students is recorded and they can study at their own pace. E-learning in conjunction with workshops, demonstrations and webinars create a strong educational program to allow continuous development of employees.

The new online courses are officially introduced on November 8th and November 9th at an international conference Texcare Asia in Shanghai, China.

More information
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