International standard safe and sustainability textile cleaning

CINET presents international standard in Safe & Sustainable Textile Cleaning.
The international umbrella organisation for the professional textile care industry, CINET developed an international standard in safe & sustainable textile cleaning. This international standard complies with international norms and is accepted by esteemed international experts from all over the world. CINET provides an extensive training program (E-Dryclean) of best practices in safe & sustainable textile cleaning together with 14 international partners. The training program explains the sustainability of modern PTC operations and guide PTC professionals to safe, sustainable and globally accepted working processes that are 2-3 times more sustainable than domestic textile cleaning. The international standard reference document in safe & sustainable textile cleaning will be signed by participating international experts and officially presented to the trade press on Sunday 6 May after the CINET Info Square Meeting (12.30hrs: Genius Room – Hall 9.1) at Texcare International in Frankfurt (Germany).

Certificate Sustainable Textile Cleaner
Following the new international standard in safe & sustainable textile cleaning, the “Certificate Sustainable Textile Cleaner” allows PTC professionals to demonstrate their sustainability. The certificate profiles the drycleaner as a modern, professional and sustainable textile cleaner, who executes textile cleaning processes and handle chemical solvents in a sustainable and safe way. The certificate underlines an environmental friendly approach 2-3 times more sustainable compared to domestic textile cleaning. The certificate can be achieved by a successful completion of the online E-Dryclean training program. The E-Dryclean training program specifically focusses on the training of PTC professionals regarding sustainable handling of cleaning machinery and chemical solvents and derived from the international best reference standard in sustainability developed by CINET two years ago.

The online E-DryClean training program was set up and initiated by an international consortium of 15 partners including CINET, in November 2008. The aim of the project is to establish a European technological reference of best practices for safe and sustainable working conditions to work with a variety of textile cleaning processes that comply with new European, as well as national, legislation. Six modules for sustainable dry cleaning processing are developed, presenting the latest safe and sustainable working methods.

the International Committee of Textile Care (CINET), is the umbrella organization pooling national textile care associations, research institutes, suppliers and PTC professionals worldwide. CINET´s international mission is to build a Global Network of industry experts and represent and promote the textile care industry. The global partnership of CINET consists of 48 members and 103 liaisons coming from 45 different countries.

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