Laundry On-Demand Meetup with the world’s most successful startups & scale-ups!

CINET program during the Clean Show 20-23 june 2019

As is a custom CINET will host an international visitors program. The Clean show will be full of innovations, especially in the field of Laundry on Demand which is naturally quite ahead in the US compared to the European markets.

You’re cordially invited to join CINET during this trip with highlights being:

  • Show visit to one of the worlds largest trade shows on professional textile care in the swining city of New Orleans!
  • Second edition of the well attended ‘Laundry on Demand Meetup’ where CINET will invite the most interesting startups and and scale-ups to share their story on best practices in the field of Laundry on Demand.
  • Company visits to industrial laundries and Retail laundry & dry cleaning businesses in the area with a focus on new process technology, laundry on demand and digitization.
  • Knowledge sharing sessions & network opportunities for meeting international colleagues.
  • USA Culture: American burgers & New Orleans special craft beer in the famous ‘French Quarter’.
  • Visit one of the many New Orleans festivals and music parades.

CINET program during JET Expo 19-21 May 2019

CINET will host a full program with activities starting Friday night 17 May with drinks at the St. James Albany hotel in Paris. Every day until 21 May there will be a program which industry colleagues are more than welcome to join!

Highlights of this trip will be:

  • Visit the French-oriented trade show on professional textile care with interesting new technologies and innovations.
  • French Best Practices Awards; CINET will organize an awards program together with the show organizer, the French trade magazine l’Entretien and the national French associations.
  • Company visits to modern French textile care companies in the area, focussing on companies with modern marketing and laundry on demand business models.
  • Participate in knowledge-sharing sessions with benchmark results from the latest wet cleaning and dry cleaning solutions organized by CINET in collaboration with French partners and meet other international colleagues in PTC.
  • Paris by night! One-of-a-kind nightlife with an extraordinary show at the famous Lido
  • Baguettes, French wine and many other typical French treats!
  • Paris nightlife: one-of-a-kind with an extraordinary show at the famous ‘Lido’