NEW WASH&LOAD: High-tech + Laundry!

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NEW WASH&LOAD: High-tech + Laundry!

The new WASH&LOAD system will make a revolutionary change to the current situation of professional washing. Besides the usual functions (to clean and remove stains), the WASH&LOAD system also includes the refunctionalisation of the textile, the quality control and validation of the functionality. WASH&LOAD; the new revolution!

What is WASH&LOAD?
The WASH&LOAD system enables an innovative and affordable functionality loading service for PPE which increases safety for the operators. Besides the usual functionalities of washing (to clean and remove stains), the WASH&LOAD project aims at two specific features: soil repellency & the antimicrobial feature. Both will be refunctionalised during every washing cycle and guarantees protection, health and safety. This will extend the lifetime of the PPE significant, about 20%.

Refunctionalisation system
The WASH&LOAD refunctionalisation system offer antimicrobial and soil repellent treatments. The antimicrobial functionality is important to protect against cross contamination and improve the hygiene. Soil repellency is a
combination of water repellency and oil repellency. These functionalities are characterised by international standards
related to the surface energy. Test methods for antimicrobial and soil repellency activity are time consuming and costly. Therefore the WASH&LOAD system consists of a quality control system based on the presence of the functional chemical agents.

Many applications
Protection, health and safety for employees and customers are an increasingly important feature of business in general and workwear specifically. WASH&LOAD has worked out technology and business opportunities for Industry in general, Food industry specific, Hospitality and Health & Care, which serve as innovative solution and stimulate ongoing development of new services for the textile service industry.

General advantages
 Refunctionalisation; recovery of textile properties
 One system for different functionalities
 Applicable for every company in the industry
 Increase product lifetime (environmental friendly & cost reduction)
 Validation and quality control of performance
 Extra sustainability

Market specific advantages
 Safety – guarantee to meet standards to protect users
 Hygiene – guarantee to meet standards to ensure Health and Safety
 Meeting certification and quality requirements
 Representative look
 Reduction cleaning costs / effort of laundering increasing lifetime of textiles

Industrial laundry
WASH&LOAD will encourage the introduction of new standards and norms for PPE and functional clothing
functionalities, ensuring a high level of protection of workers with important impact on safety and efficient
use of resources. About 14 partners from four different European countries collaborate to this project. The
EC made this project possible for further professionalization of service because of its high level of
innovation, improved personal safety & protection, as well as sustainability.

The international project WASH&LOAD started in October 2011. Now, three years later, the system is
ready to be implemented in the PTC market.

WASH&LOAD Exploitation
CINET, as international umbrella organisation for the textile care industry, is responsible for the overall
Contact: Mr P.N.M. Wennekes
Address: P.O. Box 10, NL-4060 GA Ophemert
Telephone: +31 344 65 04 30
Fax: +31 344 65 26 65

“The research leading to the WASH&LOAD results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh
Framework Program managed by REA-Research Executive Agency
(FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no. 286831.