Official CINET Presentation At Texcare Asia Shanghai, November 19th, 2013 ‘The World of PTC’

Vol I:  ‘Safe & Sustainable Processing in PTC’
Vol II: ‘Market Characteristics & Trends’

Because today, markets and market demands are changing rapidly. The PTC Industry has a strong need for adopting new business models and specialized service concepts

World of PTC, by professionals, for professionals
CINET aims to provide a better understanding about different markets, to profile the PTC industry and to provide information for innovation and cooperation in research. In line with this aim, CINET services the global PTC industry with the compilation of two books on Professional Textile Care (PTC). The input came from CINET Liaison Officers, active support of member organizations worldwide and many esteemed PTC experts. As a result these books are: “by professionals for professionals and stakeholders to the PTC industry”. The books are part of an even more extended database, which CINET starts before the end of this year.

CINET Press Meeting at Texcare Asia
These first books of the CINET project ‘The World of PTC’ will be officially presented to a wide international audience at the Press Meeting right before the start of the Texcare Asia Forum on the 19th of November at the Texcare Asia Show in Shanghai. These first books are Volume I, titled: ‘Safe & Sustainable Processing’ and Volume II, titled: ‘Market Characteristics & Trends’. Texcare Asia 2013 The seventh edition of Texcare Asia – International Trade Fair for Modern Textile Care – will be held in Shanghai on 19 – 21 November 2013 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. In 2011, this major Textile Care event attracted thousands of visitors and exhibitions by over 130 companies and organisations from more than 14 different countries. Expectations are that the 2013 event will surpass these figures.

CINET, organizer of Texcare Asia Forum
CINET will participate prominently in Texcare Asia with the Forum programme “Business Development & Sustainable Innovation in PTC”, starting on the afternoon of the 19th of November. The programme is devoted entirely to the latest international developments in the field of business processes and sustainable innovation. The 20th of November, a full day of Education & Training is scheduled. Participants will receive an International PTC certificate.

Aim of ‘The World of PTC’
• Profile the industry around the globe
• Exchange information
• Promote and stimulate professionalism in the textile care industry
• Provide a platform to accelerate innovation

Volume I: ‘Safe & Sustainable Processing in PTC’
This volume describes the working methods in textile cleaning and textile service. It provides an extensive description of the International Standard Best Practices in Safe & Sustainable PTC processing. What’s more, it includes an overview of recent innovations in the industry and informs about current best practices. Further, the processing issues for dry-cleaning as well as industrial laundering and other specific cleaning processes are discussed. This book is written with the aim of sharing information, creating awareness and moving a step forward towards a safe and sustainable professional textile care industry.

A few quotes from Volume I
o “Let’s work together to replace risk with reward and conflict with common interest” (Tim Maxwell, GreenEarth, USA)
o “Increased awareness and a more professional approach has allowed the PTC secret to re-qualify itself”(Gabriele Cuppini, Union-FMB Group, Italy)
o “In the end, our industry should not risk to lose the dry cleaning quality, this is the reason consumers using our industry” (Frank Ziermann, Böwe, Germany)”
o “In the future, the textile service industry will have to cope with every new kind of textile materials” (Dr. ing. O. Mecheels, Hohenstein, Germany)
o “..more and more professional laundries consciously choose for a sustainable approach and aim for maximum energy efficiency. However, to be successful, ecology and economy need to go hand in hand’ (Christeyns, Belgium)
o “… the laundry market in China starts off with benefits of customers, excel in technology” (Shanghai Sailstar, China)
o “The work conditions and competitive environment for laundries are continuously changing” (Ecolab, Germany)
o “The environment will outlive humanity, but our access to resources will only become scarcer as the global community evolves. We, manufacturers and customers, should make a concerted effort to produce more consuming less resource.”(Milnor, USA)

What Volume I is about
In a nutshell, Volume I will provide extensive knowledge about what CINET believes to be the foundation for future market opportunities in Professional Textile Care: Quality and Sustainability and Professional Organisation. Sustainability in PTC is the key to future success. This publication was completed and supported by over 100 industry experts. It is a 350-pages, full-colour book, chock-full of valuable information hitherto unavailable in the Professional Textile Care industry. The contents are subdivided into the following topics:
• Textile cleaning & Textile service History
• Basic Principles • State of the art
• Legislation • Best practices
• Sustainable processing
• Cases / Expert visions
• E-Learning & Training
• Organisation profiles

Volume II: ‘Market Characteristics & Trends’
Volume II is written with the aim of sharing information and creating opportunities in emerging and mature markets with new business cases towards a bright future in professional textile care industry. This book concerns the PTC markets worldwide. On the one hand, it will contain a collection of facts and figures on markets of professional textile care. On the other hand, it will present PTC markets through the eyes of regional experts in the form of written contributions and editorials.

A few quotes from Volume II
o ‘”The consolidation and internationalization process is almost completed in most of Europe´s laundries, specialization and dedicated plants are now becoming the new trend’’ (Peter Bouwens, Christeyns, Belgium)
o ”The changing environment requires flexibility, financial stability and wide range of services from companies’’ (Tibor Deme and Király Valéria, Hungarian Textile Cleaning Association)
o ‘’Let’s integrate the most advanced technology and philosophy of global laundry and dyeing industry, making our homeland with the sky more blue, the water more pure, and the clothes cleaner!’’(Wang Shuyuan, China Laundry Association)

What Volume II is about
Volume II will provide extensive knowledge about (future) market opportunities in Professional Textile Care: the development of mature and emerging markets, new business models and specialized service concepts. A little over a hundred industry experts from all over the world contributed to this more than 360-pages, full-colour edition that will give every PTC professional an edge in his business. The contents are subdivided into the following topics:
• Introduction
• PTC Defined
• Country profiles Europe
• Country profiles America
• Country profiles Asia
• Country profiles Australia
• Country profiles Middle East
• Continents overview
• Special Topics
• 40 Expert Vision

How to Order
The full colour 350+ pages books in the English language can both be ordered at the CINET secretariat at euro 250,- (excl. VAT) per Volume.

For special offers for large-quantity orders, just contact the CINET secretariat for more information.

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