Professional Textile Cleaning; 2-3 times more sustainable compared to domestic textile cleaning

Last year CINET commissioned a new benchmark study organized by the Dutch Technological Knowledge center Textile care (TKT) and conducted by the esteemed and independent Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) from January until March 2012. The study compared the environmental impact of professional textile care including traditional and new alternative solvents with the domestic textile cleaning. The conclusion derived from the study is that “Professional Textile Cleaning based on the working methodology of E-Dryclean, has a 2 to 3 times lower impact on the environment than the average domestic washing process. TKT will present the results in more detail for members at CINET’s Global Info Square meeting during Texcare International (10.00hrs; Genius Room – Hall 9.1).

More alternative solvents
The research includes a comparison of traditional solvents (Perc, Hydrocarbon) and alternative solvents (iPura, Siloxane D5, Rynex E3, Solvon K4 and wetcleaning) with domestic textile cleaning, looking at the environmental impact of the different cleaning methods. The study is an extension of a similar study conducted in 2011, but includes new alternative solvents Ipura, Rynex E3 and Solvon K4. The conclusion of the research is based on equal textile load and equal processes (cleaning / washing and drying), including the environmental effects coming from the production of the consumed resources, the generation of the energy consumed during cleaning and the emissions (water, solvent, detergent).

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