The 25 YEARS SUCCESS STORY of MEM-TEX GROUP; Winner CINET Global Best Practices Award 2016

At CEE-TEX 2016 in Novi Sad, Serbia, Global Best Practice Award winners Mem-Tex Group Hungary presented their company. An excellent showcase, full of inspiration for setting up new advanced businesses in the CEE region.

The origin of Mem-Tex Group
The Mem-Tex Group was founded only after the change of regime in Hungary in 1990. The company has developed itself to a leading healthcare laundry in the country, operating 4 plants in the cities of Szolnok, Vác, Baja and the recently acquired plant in Székesfehérvár.

Mem-Tex operates with an extensive portfolio of services to hospitals. Providing the full range of needs of the surgery and all other departments, including smocks and uniforms in a textile rental model. To ensure on time delivery the warehouse is located at the premises of the client, where Mem-Tex employees handle the handover and takeover of the soiled and clean textiles.

Development into the world’s No.1 laundry
From the starting point in 1990 with assets worth only €1000 (1 Dacia car, 1 Skoda car and one computer) Mem-Tex has developed into the leading Healthcare laundry in Hungary, with assets now worth €3mln. The market share in healthcare laundry of 19% represents an annual turnover of €4mln.

Mem-Tex continuously develops and widens its services based on the international trends and market requirements, including the implementation of standards and innovations in the area of sustainability and energy-efficiency. It’s the only laundry in Hungary that provides locker service and healthcare uniform rental services to her clients. Next, Logo-Tex is one of the two companies that provide RFID tracking and tracing. This RFID system is used by eight hospitals in Hungary, of which six are clients of Mem-Tex.

At Texcare International, June 2016, Mem-Tex was proclaimed winner of the Global Best Practices Award “Overall Best” for Textile Service. Over 100 companies from 35 countries worldwide participated in the prestigious Awards, and the top-30 presented their case to an international jury of industry experts. Mem-Tex is honoured and proud of this international acknowledgement for their continuous development and innovation.

Towards the future; Innovation and market expansion

Services are implemented on the level of hospital wards, connected to the warehouse operation, where employees of Mem-Tex collect the soiled textiles and provide the clean ones according to the needs of the individual wards. For one client Mem-Tex even manages the entire technical operation, from gardening to laundry, to facility management. A full service model with great potential.

The future plans of Mem-Tex focus on expanding its market share and client portfolio in Healthcare (textile rental) and RFID service, increasing the full ‘technical operation’ client portfolio, and entering the hospitality and workwear rental market. Also the company plans to introduce the rental of high-performance surgical drapes in the Hungarian market. In short, to stay a true winner in the Hungarian PTC market.