World of PTC vol.5: New Business Models & Showcases

Introducing volume 5 in the World of PTC book series, in line with the Global Best Practices Awards, this book was compiled to inspire PTC companies worldwide. 

World of PTC vol. 5 was presented during Texcare International. During the CINET Global Info Square Meeting on June 12th, the first copies were presented to the International Jury of the Global Best Practices Awards 2016. All 100 official Global Best Practices Nominees, that participated in the Award Program, are incorporated in the book.

Showcasing inspiring companies
World of PTC volume 5. In line with book 3 and 4, addressing innovation in the industry, volume 5 focusses on market developments combined with innovative business models within the PTC industry. Business models are presented by showcasing inspiring examples of companies that are active in the industry today. The World of PTC volume 5 is a kick-off, highlighting numerous positive developments and growth potential for the PTC industry today. Based on market studies (The World of PTC Volume 2) and information exchange through CINET’s global network there is a firm belief that the industry has a growth potential of some 50% on a global scale. When professional companies with entrepreneurial mind-sets are picking up on the opportunities there is a bright future ahead!

The material presented in the book endorses and demonstrates the capabilities of modern professional textile care as the best available solution for numerous end user markets. Based on these findings a comprehensive communication plan will be introduced to showcase the added value of the industry to external stakeholders such as end-users, NGO’s and governments worldwide. Based on the positive effects that have occurred so far, CINET is convinced the concept of Global Awards is extremely positive for the industry and the first plans for a next Awards Program have already drafted.

How to get your copy?
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