World of PTC Volume IV: Innovations & New Services

At Texcare Asia in Shanghai the fourth volume of the series “World of PTC” was launched by CINET. This new volume with the title “Innovations & New Services” is a logical sequel on the volume III “Innovations & New Technologies” which was introduced earlier this year in Atlanta (USA). The fourth volume is focused on providing information enabling the industry to anticipate on a changing society. Innovations in the textile care company influence the role of the industry in various markets. Looking at and anticipating on changing societies and opportunities for new services is essential for further development of the PTC industry.

Innovations & New Services offer new market opportunities
Customer needs are changing. These needs are the starting point for the development of new service concepts and business cases. Online communication, ICT management, logistics are a few of the developments changing the looks of our society. Healthy and vital business requires a sustainable image. Recycled textiles and utilities and using biomaterials can play an important role in this.
Service concepts and cases are described in this volume to enhance the convenience and total experience for customers. To satisfy end users and let them have a perfect experience is becoming the key issue. The experience of hotel guests, the health and safety of workers, health care of patients, etc. will determine the success of your business in the future. This demands new services for delivery, flexibility in the process and dedicated textile care meeting the demands for quality and hygiene.

Volume 4 is divided in the following parts:

  • Market developments
  • Online revolution
  • Logistics
  • New processing technologies for more quality, hygiene & service value
  • Update on functional textiles
  • Care labelling developments
  • Need for more certification
  • New services

Volume IV “Innovations & New Services” is scheduled to be officially introduced on November 8th and November 9th at the international conference, JET Expo in Paris, France.

World of PTC series
The fourth volume provides a valuable addition to the PTC archive, which aims to provide an increased understanding of professional textile care. Innovations & New Services follows up on the success of the much acclaimed World of PTC book volumes 1, 2 and 3 titled Safe & Sustainable Processing in PTC, Market Characteristics & Trends and Innovations & New Technologies.

This project is organized with the input of CINET Liaison Officers and active support of PTC organizations worldwide, as a result these books are written by professionals for professionals and stakeholders in the PTC industry.

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