India Best Practices Convention, General Assembly DLAI, workshops & Awards 2020

February 15th, 2020 - February 16th, 2020    Courtyard by Marriot, Andheri East, Mumbai 

When the Laundrex 2020 show finishes on the 15th of February the first AGM (General Assembly) of DLAI will take place including the India Best Practices Awards 2020: “GO FRANKFURT”! Laundries apply free of charge and winners receive free tickets for the Finals: Global Best Practice Awards in Frankfurt, Germany. This will be followed by the 1st Annual Convention of DLAI organized on 16 February. This program will be organized by DLAI and CINET in close cooperation as strategic partners.

Program outline

15 February evening: The First AGM (General Assembly) of DLAI including the pitch presentations from Indian companies within the Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020 in front of the jury will be organized at The Fern – an Ecotel Hotel, Goregaon, Mumbai, India in the evening.

16 February all day: Conference program in the morning, training workshops in the afternoon and in the early evening the Indian Award Ceremony will take place including a dinner. This day will be organized at the Courtyard by Marriot Andheri East.

The conference & workshops will include a selection of expert speakers from India and internationally acknowledged experts. In the prestigious Indian Best Practice Award Program for professional laundry & dry cleaning companies application for laundries is free of charge. DLAI & CINET will reward the most outstanding company cases with a full commitment on best practices in professional textile care. This award program is part of the Global Best Practices Awards 2020, organized at Texcare International in Frankfurt, Germany where GBPA 2020 Finals will take place (June 19-20). DLAI & CINET invite Indian Professional Textile Care companies to participate from 3 categories: 1) Retail Textile Cleaning 2) Big Retail (Franchise) and 3) Industrial Textile Services. The winners of each category are directly participating in the finals for the Global Awards in Frankfurt (travel cost to Frankfurt is reimbursed). CINET wishes all members of DLAI and to the Association’s management a very successful Conference & first annual meeting!

The Indian Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services companies with a high focus on best practices are invited to submit their registration forms (for free) in the Indian national pre-selections. The evaluation of the Indian Best Practices Awards Jury will be done according to the GBPA2020 criteria: Quality, Sustainability, Business Model & Service Concept, Innovation and Keynote presentation (more info here).

Below you find a full overview of the program.

At the official launch of DLAI in February 2019 it was decided to prepare this event together including an Indian Awards program


Benefits to participate in this event

  • Conference & workshop program for retail textile cleaning & industrial textile services
  • Knowledge sharing on best practices in the global & Indian market of professional laundry & dry cleaning, with long-time experts like Mr. Wim Meijer and Mr. Simon Hemmes.
  • Benchmark your operations compared to international best practices in PTC & successful companies from the region.
  • Meetup with like-minded laundries to network.
  • Open invitation for laundries to join CINET Global Best Practices Awards Program (registration is free of charge) organized in Frankfurt at Texcare International (19 & 20 June 2020). It’s a wonderful opportunity to network internationally, generate ideas for business development and the finalists are reimbursed for the flight & hotel cost to Frankfurt.


Program India Best Practices Awards 2020: for Sustainable Profits!

Saturday 15 February

Location: The Fern – an Ecotel Hotel, Goregaon, Mumbai, India

Moderator: Indian Moderator

First official DLAI General Assembly & India Best Practices Awards 2020

Time Topic
16.00 Introduction of the Indian Best Practices Awards;
Applications, procedure, jury & road to Frankfurt
16.30 Indian Best Practice Awards RTC: 9x 5 minute pitch presentations of finalists
17.30 Pitch presentations of supporting supplier partners
18.00 Indian Best Practice Awards ITS: 3x 5 minute pitch presentation of finalists
18.30 Closure of event
19.00 Welcome by Mr. Suresh Bhatia, President of DLAI
20.45 1. Results of 2019

  • Correspondence & announcements
  • Organization structure & bylaws
  • Partnerships with regional associations
  • Member overview

2. Strategy & positioning

  • Mission & vision
  • Roadmap 2030
  • Committees DLAI

3. Action plan 2020

  • Train the trainer programs
  • CERCLEAN® certification
  • Schedule 2020: events, trainings & seminars
  • Texcare International: DLAI delegation to Frankfurt
  • E-learning ‘World of PTC Business School’ in English and Hindi

4. Marketing & communication

  • DLAI communication plan
  • VIS national media partner

5. Election of the board

6. Finance

  • Financial review 2019
  • Budget 2020

7. Questions

8. Closure of General Assembly

NEW! These are the Indian Awards Official Nominees + The Event’s brochure!

Several outstanding Indian showcases in Retail Textile Cleaning, Franchise and Industrial Textile Services, with a high focus on best practices have already submitted their registration forms (for free) in the Indian Best Practices Awards 2020. Among them, the Jury of the Indian Best Practices Awards has selected the 12 most extraordinary Official Nominations that will compete for the trophies in the ITS and RTC categories at the event that will take place in Mumbai (Feb 15-16).

The representatives of the Official Nominees were invited to provide the Indian Awards Jury with a 5 minutes pitch presentation, presenting their companies on Feb 15th (starting 16:00, at The Fern – an Ecotel Hotel, Goregaon, Mumbai, India.) On Sunday, Feb 16th, 2020 starting with 16:30 (Courtyard by Marriot Andheri East, Mumbai, India) the Winners of the Awards will be announced during The Official India Best Practice Awards Ceremony 2020.

The Indian Best Practices Awards 2020 Official  Nominees are:

  • In the Industrial Textile Services (ITS) segment:
  • In the Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) segment:

The Overall Best Practices Awards Winners in both categories will get a FREE TICKET to the GBPA2020 Final that will take place in Frankfurt, during Texcare International (June, 19-20, 2020, travel and accommodation reimbursed by CINET).

Good luck to the Indian Official Nominees!

More on the India Best Practices Convention, General Assembly DLAI, workshops & Awards 2020, on the Official Brochure – link here!

Indian Best Practice Awards sponsors





Global Best Practice Awards sponsors:

Sunday 16 February

location: Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai International Airport (Google Maps link), कोर्टयार्ड बाय मैरिएट, मुम्बई अंतरराष्ट्रीय हवाई अड्डा, Cts 215, Andheri – Kurla Rd, opposite Carnival Cinemas, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059, India

Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) & Industrial Textile Service (ITS) laundries

Facilities: ‘Amber hall’ Conference room fully equipped with audio & visual (large 16:9 screen for demo videos)

# seats: 300 pax

Title Sponsor:


Associate sponsors:

Time Topic
8.30 Registration for the conference 

Introduction DLAI & DLAI management committee

  • Profile association
  • Introduction core members & management team
  • Action plan for 2020

Smart & efficient laundry technology by Zehen Arora of Stefab


“PTC Business Challenges for 2020 and beyond” by Mr. Peter N. M. Wennekes

  • Demand for customer requirements & tailor made services
  • Organisation
  • Young Laundry Entrepreneurs
  • Enabling technologies
  • Key drivers
10.30 LAGOON Advance Care- Dry cleaning vs Wet Cleaning by Tjin Kho Hok
10.45 Asian Trends & successful business in Commercial Laundry by Anup Poddar

  • Customer & end-user demands
  • Market drivers in commercial laundry: how to stimulate market growth
  • Outsmarting competition in the Laundry businesses
  • Solutions to aid Professional Textile Care companies in business development
11.05 Stain removal solutions for Retail laundry by Amrutraj Kulkarni of Buzil-Rossari
11.20 Asian Trends & successful business in Retail Laundry by Chirag Bhatia 

  • Customer & end-user demands
  • Market drivers in Retail laundry: how to stimulate market growth
  • Outsmarting competition in the Laundry businesses
  • Solutions to aid Professional Textile Care companies in business development

Introduction World of PTC Business School by Anil Kumar, Raghav Arora & Leon Wennekes 

  • Knowledge database on best practices in professional textile care build up over 25 years
  • 3 level program
    • Starters
    • Excellence
    • Management
  • Latest technologies supporting growth of your business
  • Training plan DLAI 2020
12.15 Panel discussion: How to overcome challenges for small & medium dry cleaning/laundry companies in a competitive, fast-changing environment
13.00 Break with lunch buffet

Afternoon Program

Facilities: 3 smaller conference rooms (100-150 pax) for Three workshop sessions on International Best Practices in Professional Textile Care from 13.00 to 16.30 o’clock;

  1. Retail Textile Cleaning Best Practice Overview
  2. Industrial Textile service Best Practice Overview


Session 1: Professional Retail textile cleaning Best Practice Overview, by Mr. Wim Meijer

Time Topic
14.00 Start & introduction: International Standard Retail Textile Cleaning

  • Intake and inspection
  • Cleaning process
  • Spotting
  • Finishing
  • Basic principles of Wet cleaning
14.15 Textile knowledge

  • Which textile fibres can I find in clothing?
  • What is the influence of a textile fibre on the cleaning process?
  • How to use the care labelling of a garment
14.45 Solvents and cleaning performance

  • What are the properties of solvents and how will they
    influence the cleaning process?
  • PERC operation
  • Hydrocarbon solvent operation
  • Alternative Solvents like siloxane D5, Acetal and Glycol
    Ether (alternative solvents)
15.15 Machine technology wet cleaning & commercial laundry

  • Machine technology for PERC
  • Machine technology for alternative Solvents
  • Wet clean processes
  • Machine technology for wet cleaning
  • Commercial laundry (incl. water & water quality)
15.45 Spotting

  • Textile labelling
  • Stains groups
  • Stain recognition
  • The spotting process
  • Safety
16.15 Maintenance

  • How to control the maintenance costs at your company?
  • How to work with a maintenance schedule?
16.30 End

About Mr. Wim Meijer

In 2015 Mr. Meijer was appointed as Professional Trainer RTC of The World of PTC Business School. as well as an official Certified CERCLEAN® Trainer & Auditor. Mr. Meijer has owned a dry cleaning company for over 46 years, and after his retirement he committed himself to a new goal: educating industry colleagues. In 2009 he started working voluntary for the Dutch Dry Cleaners association NETEX as auditor for certification of dry cleaning companies in the Netherlands. In this role as a CINET Professional Trainer, Mr. Wim Meijer has trained and certified numerous students in many workshops throughout the world.


Session 2: Industrial laundry & Textile Services Best Practice Overview, by Mr. Simon Hemmes

Time Topic
14.00 Start & introduction of Industrial Laundry International Standard
14.15 The basic principles of industrial laundry

      • The importance of industrial laundry in society
      • Professional laundry technology
      • Washing
      • Drying
      • Finishing
14.45 Fibers, fabric construction, finishes and care labeling for commercial laundry
15.45 Machine safety: safety risks, prevention and laws & regulations

  • Risks and risk situations in an Industrial Textile Services (ITS) company
  • Chemicals
  • Risk prevention
16.15 Evaluation
16.30 End

About Mr. Simon Hemmes


Mr. Hemmes is a long-time Professional Textile Care industry expert, with an outstanding experience in the Industrial Textile Services field. He led numerous project all over the world, as a Technical Manager and Senior Application Manager for leading suppliers in the PTC industry.

Evening Program

Facilities: Conference room fully equipped with audio & visual (large 16:9 screen for demo videos)

# seats: 300 pax

Time Topic
16.30 Introduction of the Indian Best Practices Awards;
Applications, procedure, jury & road to Frankfurt
17.15 Official India Best Practice Awards Ceremony 2020
Winners of the awards are announced 
18.15 Closure of the event


Target audience

If your business is offering professional laundry and dry cleaning services to retail or B2B customers this conference program in the morning and the applicable training in the afternoon will be of interest. From top management to operational management and supervisors/team leaders the content is applicable. The conference & training programs are focusing on garment care, workwear and linen operations for retail consumers and B2B customers (such as hotel, hospital, etc.).




To cover the cost of the whole event including lunch, dinner, coffee & tea and snacks the visitors on 16 February will be charged according to the following fee:

  • 4,500 Rupees for the front rows – member fee: 3,000 Rupees
  • 2,500 Rupees for the middle rows – member fee: 2,000 Rupees
  • 1,500 Rupees for the back rows


For more information, please contact the CINET secretariat or the DLAI secretariat or via phone: +91 73032 82525 or +919902248484