The CLEAN Show

June 20th, 2019 - June 23rd, 2019    New Orleans 

Laundry On-Demand Meetup with the world’s most successful startups & scale-ups!

CINET program during the Clean Show 20-23 june 2019

During this year’s Clean Show in the swinging city of New Orleans, CINET organizes a complete international visitor program. Activities will be organized from 19-23 June. This American fair attracted some 12,500 visitors and 481 exhibitors in 2017. 2019 promises to be at least as interesting!

Innovation & network weeks

As usual, the show is full of the latest innovations, especially in the field of ​​Laundry on Demand. The American market is usually further in these digital on-demand concepts than the European. So there will be plenty of opportunities to come into contact with interesting parties.

2nd edition Laundry On-Demand Meetup

Meet & experience the world’s most ambitious online platforms for modern, professional on-demand textile care (PTC) services.

Laundry On-Demand is the business model that is being fully invested worldwide, a recent market research publishes an expected market size of almost 100,000 million dollars in 2024 (Zion Market Research, 2018). In other words, a huge growth market! The most ambitious Laundry On-Demand platforms of today are invited to share their story in presentations and a panel. In between there is plenty of opportunity for networking.

The Meetup is an open invitation for colleagues in textile care. The purpose of the meeting is to bring cleaning companies into contact with LOD platforms so that knowledge exchange and cooperation is created.

Laundry on Demand Meetup @Clean 2017 – Las Vegas

You’re cordially invited to join us during this trip with highlights being (provisional):

  •  Clean, visit one of the world’s largest trade fairs for textile care in swinging New Orleans.
  • Second edition of the successful ‘Laundry on Demand Meetup’! CINET invites the most prominent start-ups and scale-ups worldwide to participate in this knowledge sharing & network meeting. (about 2 hours)
  • Meet & Greet; meet colleagues from abroad!
  • Company visits to laundries & dry cleaners in the region with a focus on new process technology, laundry on demand and digitization.
  • Participate in the WOPCOM knowledge exchange sessions of CINET and meet other international colleagues and experts!
  • USA Culture: American burgers & New Orleans special craft beer in the famous ‘French Quarter’.
  • Visit one of the many New Orleans festivals and music parades.

The journey will start 19th with departure from Schiphol and activities up to and including 23 June will be organized where you can join. The Maison Dupuy Hotel in the French Quarter will basically act as the central meeting point.

If you want to participate please fill in the pre-registration form below and select the program activities you want to join:


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Laundry on Demand Meetup
Meet & Greet
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WOPCOM knowledge exchange sessions
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