LIVE blog: Chinese follow CERCLEAN Masterclass at royal levels: CLA’s ‘Best Practices’ journey according to international certification has begun!

The Castle of Ophemert was the setting of a bright and sunny welcome to the Chinese participants to the Masterclass CERCLEAN®. A group of 20 members of the China Laundry Association (CLA) have arrived yesterday to start a Masterclass program in Professional Textile Care, organized by CINET. This week of training is part of the CERCLEAN® cooperation agreement between CLA and CINET which was signed in September 2017. The program includes E-learning (in Chinese), training at CINET’s headquarters, visits to 12 of the most extraordinary dutch companies in PTC and in total 20 European experts, who deliver various presentations on specific innovations and topics.


Welcome CLA!

On Sunday the 10th of June the Chinese laundry delegation arrived at Schiphol in the afternoon after a smooth flight. After a short introduction and welcome by the CINET team the group enjoys a marvelous catered diner from a traditional Chinese restaurant in the region.

Amsterdam welcomes the China Laundry Association!


Kick off at day 1: Welcome with ‘Stroopwafels’ (11 June)

A Meet & Greet – Introduction presentation to start of at day 1.  The first experience was a tasty one. The members of the Chinese delegation tried the amazing and sweet Dutch ‘stroopwafels’ (caramels wafels) and learned the first Dutch word: lekker (delicious)!’ The Masterclass program for this week, including Retail textile cleaning and Industrial textile service state of the art technologies, best practices, CERCLEAN® International certification and hygiene quality management.


The CLA expert group was welcomed by Peter N.M. Wennekes, President & CEO of CINET


Chinese group starts the Master Class with delicious and fresh ‘Stroopwafels’ from the famous Albert Cuypmarkt


Visit: Initial – CWS-boco processing some 175.000 garments every week! (11 June)

While the retail textile cleaning members of the Chinese Laundry Association delegation were attending the best practice Excellence level e-learning program coordinated by Mr. Dr. Ing. Henk Gooijer (TKT) and Mr. Frank Aarts (Internationlal Certification Program), the delegation representatives from the industrial textile services sector attended 2 company visits; Initial – CWS-boco, a workwear processing plant in Den Bosch and a Healthcare processing plant of LIPS+ in Tiel.



Numerous questions and explanations where excellently translated by Ms. Ivy Zheng of CLA


The INITIAL impression in the CERCLEAN MasterClass Program was outstanding. The visit at the Initial and CWS-boco plant allowed the Chinese visitors to witness a factory focused on the treatment of workwear, completely automated. The focus on hygiene impressed the visitors, in the plant which has a maximum capacity of 105 tons per week, realised with 55 employees in total.

Mr. Peter den Heijer (Plant Manager) hosted the Chinese delegation during the visit, explained he was happy to welcome his Chinese colleagues and have an insightful experience exchange and wishing them a pleasant stay during the Cerclean MasterClass Program.

Initial and CWS-boco joined their forces recently, with the purpose of becoming a market leader across Europe. Both companies are international service providers in the fields of workwear, washroom care and cleanroom solutions. Operating in 16 European countries with a workforce of over 10.000 employees, Inital – CWS-boco  generates yearly approximately 1,1 billion Euros in turnover.


Mr. Peter den Heijer, plant manager of Initial in Den Bosch explains the modern facilities and company back ground. The Chinese group is most impressed. 


Having set the objective of consistently outperforming the market, the venture’s operations in Benelux consist of 3 garment plants, 2 for towel rolls, 3 for mats, 1 for flat linen.


RFID is so easy to…handle!


Company visits: Lips+ Tiel – one of the largest health care laundries in The Netherlands (11 June)

LIPS+ in the city Tiel, one of the biggest industrial textile services facilities in the Netherlands, was the host of the China Laundry Association delegation for the afternoon.


The plant in Tiel is a 300 ton laundry in the middle of the country. The Chinese delegation was very interested in the level of automation as well as the hygienically clean procedures LIPS+ has implemented.


State of the Art

At this location, state of the art technology is installed and the company has perfectly implemented hygienically clean laundry processing, at the highest standards as described in CERTEX® certification scheme. The main process is focused on flat linen, but also a separate work wear operation is set up. The visit also underlined the focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, on logistical optimization and innovation.



With 5 wash tunnels in total LIPS+ manages to process over 300 tons of flat linen in Healthcare every week


An intensive Q&A session followed the visit, the main topics revolving around the manner in which healthcare services and particularly hygiene related procedures are implemented, LIPS+ being a CERTEX certified company, as well. This subject opened the next chapter of today’s industrial textile services agenda, focused on International Certification, held by Leon Wennekes, CINET’s Secretary General.

After the laundry tour the Chinese group had many questions


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Bert Ribbink the Plant Manager of LIPS+ Tiel and Mr. Ruud Schouten (Production Manager) told us that he is extremely content about the diversity of subjects addressed by the Chinese guests during the visit.


LIPS+ company profile 

LIPS+ owns seven laundry facilities throughout The Netherlands, focusing largely on the Health Care segment.  LIPS+ used to be part of Synergy Health (headquarters in the UK) but the management performed a buy-out to become independent. LIPS+ is also one of the former winners at CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards in Innovation.


The textile service group of CLA was still quite excited after a long day of new impressions and discussions at PTC companies in The Netherlands


Train the Trainer

In the evening evaluations were made and Mr. Peter Wennekes explained more details on the program of this week. A combination of theory, demonstrations and practical assignments targeting on the CINET Master in PTC certificate by the end of this Masterclass program.


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