LIVE blog: The Chinese journey continues… Tuesday was a full & exciting day!!

After a common morning session, the Industrial Textile Services group entered the learning program, where the Retail Textile Cleaning one attended a series of company visits throughout the region.

Best Practices for Industrial Textile Services 

Dr. Ir. Henk Gooijer

For the group of Industrial Textile Services, Dr. Ir. Henk Gooijer summarized the most importance topics and issues of the E-learning chapters, such as Water re-use and recycling, Heat efficiency and recovery and Microbiology. An exam was the closure of the morning to be followed by ‘noodles for lunch’.

Exam time after a busy morning

The Value of CERCLEAN® for Industrial Textile Services

A fresh start in the afternoon for CERCLEAN® Quality Management and Hygiene Management in the afternoon by Mr Frank Aarts.

Mr. Frank Aarts

To make quality management easier accessible for the Professional Textile Care industry CINET developed a dedicated step by step e-learning program at low costs, for both Industrial Textile Services (CERCLEAN® TS) companies and Retail Textile Cleaning (dry cleaners, CERCLEAN® TC). For each PTC company international certification is now easy to understand and efficient to implement.

Hartevelt – Trusted partner for Dutch Soccer Association (KNWB)

First stop was at Hartevelt, a company that has 73 years of history, being already a 3rd generation family business. With a team consisting of 52 people (up to a 100 in high season), Hartevelt treats over 10 milion textiles peices per year in either cleaning or logistics.


The Chinese delegation was impressed by the Hartevelt facility


 Mr. Jesper de Ruiter of Hartevelt explains in detail how this textile cleaning business grew extensively from a small dry cleaner to an immense warehousing & logistics business focused largely on fashion businesses as well as other b2b customers.

The textile cleaning services were at the origin of the reconditioning business. The focus of this business is to prepare garments to be sold in stores, for import and procurement organizations. The Chinese delegation was impressed by the immensly large warehouse (with 13km+ rails for hanging garments) and perfect organization of these processess at Hartevelt.

Mr Sun Bo is one of Chinese delegation who is most interested in the rail construction at Hartevelt.

In the back a sneak peak is given into the vast collection of fashion that Hartevelt manages for Retail and e-commerce businesses.

The business services are increasingly becoming the core business of this company. Hartevelt’s most important clients are events organizations, banks, corporate identity businessess and the KNVB (Dutch soccer association).

As can be expected during such travels the group is recording as much as possible in photo and video.

The Textile Cleaning group of the CLA delegation at the Hartevelt reception.

Our host, Mr Jesper de Ruiter is account manager for the textile cleaning division at Hartevelt, told us at the end of the trip that he enjoyed being challenged with so many questions from the Chinese delegation, regarding all the aspects of the business.

Polymark – New technology from outstanding suppliers and distribution companies.

The second segment of Tuesday’s program included a visit at Polymark’s headquarters.

Mr. Frans Sijmons, Owner & CEO of Polymark

Mr. Frans Sijmons, Owner & CEO of Polymark, presented its company’s focus on delivering high quality machines for textile cleaning services and reconditioning.  The business offers new and used machines by means of regular sales, lease or rent construction. Well-known brands of Böwe, IPSO, Domus, Pantex, Camptel, Fimas, Eco Impact, Metalprogetti and SPOT are offered throughout the BENELUX region.
Polymark  excels in craftsmanship, personal attention & trust including STEK certification.

From Left to Right: Mr. Gerwin Kok (sales manager at Büfacare), Mr. Frans Sijmons (Owner and CEO of Polymark) and his daughter and Mr. Frank Ziermann (Owner and CEO of Böwe)

In the same location, representatives of major suppliers revealed their latest technology developments to the Chinese delegation. Mr. Frank Ziermann, Owner & CEO of Böwe held an impressive presentation of the German supplier, underlining the company’s innovation in both dry and wet cleaning, focusing on topics related to the hygiene (such as the use of ozone and UV-C), as well as the water management (with the turbidity sensor feature).


Mr. Dominique Suttheimer, International Sales Director at Büfa


Mr. Gerwin Kok (Büfa care) answers questions during the live wetcleaning demo

Mr. Dominique Suttheimer, Büfa’s Sales Director, together with Mr. Gerwin Kok (Sales Manager Benelux) added a practical demonstration to the presentation of the company’s new solvent Sensene, which was followed by intensive discussions and appreciative comments from the members of the China Laundry Association delegation.


The Retail Textile Cleaning group from the Chinese Laundry delegation in front of the Polymark office

TOP Quality, Top services, TOPCLEANING – CERCLEAN® Certified

The Chinese Laundry Asociation Textile Cleaning group travelled then to Harderwijk, to visit Top Cleaning, an award winning company that offers highly specialized services in professional textile care besides the regular laundry and dry cleaning.

Mr. Johan Elzerman (Top Cleaning) explains about energy savings measurements 


An awarded company for its commitment to best practices (a.o. winner of the European Best Practices Awards 2014)


Mr. Johan Elzerman, talking about the importance of procedures

It is a family company, owned by Mr. Johan Elzerman, who has invested in advanced services for fire restoration, cleaning fire fighter protective wear (as well as protecting the wearer). Top Cleaning has a performant CPU (central processing unit) and its other specialist services are wedding gowns, air distribution hoses and cleaning of terrace cushions. The company’s focus on high quality, standardized processing this business implemented ISO 9001 and CERCLEAN® certification.


Wedding gowns – One of Top Cleaning’s specialist services through online ordering available in the whole coun


After Mr. Elzerman’s company presentation, Mr. Manfred Seiter (Kreussler) presented the German supplier’s professional cleaning processes for dry cleaning and wet cleaning. A special focus on the presentation was on Lanadol brand portfolio, with products designed for dry cleaning as well as for wet cleaning.


Mr. Manfred Seiter (Kreussler), Mr. Johan Elzerman and Mrs. Joke Elzerman (Top Cleaning)


At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Elzerman also underlined the importance of best practices and certification.


After a (semi-professional) photoshoot the group says its goodbyes to the hosting family Elzerman and returns to CINET HQ



A discussion on the Future of PTC

The evening program surrounded a discussion on market opportunities in Professional Textile Care. The topics came from two presentations, starting with a contribution from CINET President Mr. Peter Wennekes on market trends and the opportunities arising from the Laundry on Demand model. This presentation was followed by the market developments in the field of hygiene and the importance for laundries to embrace this concept in certain market ares. This was a perfect starting point for the discussion and entrepreneurial information exchange.

Mr. Peter Wennekes (President/CEO of CINET), summing up the Future of PTC session and the next days’ activities


Mr. Geert Böttger’s lecture hygiene & the future of PTC


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