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The Wednesday’s morning agenda has started earlier for part of the Chinese delegation: wake up at 6 AM and a quick breakfast, because the bus was waiting for a long trip to the beautiful Northern part of The Netherlands. The purpose: to visit Rentex Floron, one of the biggest independent laundry businesses in The Netherlands.

The group of Retail Textile Cleaning had a longer night and could start at CINET’s headquarters with again some interesting topics.

CERCLEAN® Auditing

In the morning Mr Peter Wennekes (CEO/President of CINET) and Mr Frank Aarts presented ‘CERCLEAN® Auditing; an introduction and basic principles’ to fullfill the practical assignment which is part of the exam.

In the afternoon Debora van Oorsouw took over to introduce Laundry on Demand, followed up by Dhr Ir Henk Gooijer informing on ‘The Choice of Cleaning Methodologies’.

The Chinese delegation, impressed by exceptional water management system at Rentex Floron

The next company to visit by the Industrial Textile Services group is a 4th generation family business, which has a track record offering professional laundry services since 1913. This laundry facility processes over 200.000 workwear garments as well as 480.000 kg flat linen for the Healthcare sector every week.

Impecable working procedures in an outstanding facility

The Rentex Floron facility consists of a 17.000 m2 work area with a special water management installation.

Mr. Titus Mulder, CEO & Owner of Rentex Floron (in the background), presenting his company’s water management unit

Titus Mulder, CEO & Owner of Rentex Floron was the host of a complete tour through the entire Rentex Floron facility.


Mr. Titus Molder, explaining the Rentex Floron company 

The main target groups of the Rentex Floron are hospitals, nursing homes and smaller private establishments where elderly people are serviced.

Mr. Pan Wei, the President of The Chinese Laundry Association, during the visit at Rentex Floron

Christeyns: Cool Chemistry

After the tour in the Rentex Floron facility, Gerard Bakker, Service & Account Manager Christeyns presented Christeyns’ laundry technology, as well as the Cool Chemistry and its role in quality control and Certification.

Practical demonstration about the Cool Chemistry concept, held by Mr. Gerard Bakker (Service & Account Manager of Christeyns)

An important part of Mr. Bakker’s presentation was dedicated to the control and the guaranteed hygiene and on Christeyns laundry process that generates disinfection at lower temperatures (at 55 degrees Celsius and more efficient in both results and energy consumption than the standard 70 degrees disinfection process).

The MODERN concept of CSR, from MODERNA

Then, the bus took the Chinese delegation back to the centre of The Netherlands, were the group was welcomed by Mr. Roel Stad, Owner and Mr. Erik Jutstra – General Manager, from Moderna, in a laundry facility that is the absolute definition of “state of the art technology.

Mr. Erik Jutstra – General Manager of Moderna

Moderna has over 350 employees and it processes flat linen, work wear (special machine to test Personal Protective Equipment), personal private garments, mats, hygiene services and complementary e-commerce products.

The Chinese Industrial Textile Services delegation, discussing about the things they liked the most in Moderna’s facility
Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are the core value for Moderna and this can be observed in every aspect of their business, from solar energy to ‘steamless’ processing.
A modern and highly functional facility, fully automated


The company’s philosophy centred on 3 key areas: people-planet-profit.

The World of PTC – Book nr. 4, a central piece of Moderna’s board room collection

The Moderna building is a energy neutral building, which generates an optimal climate management. Residual heat from the process is being reused and also the solar energy converted into hot water (through 3300 vacuum tubes) from 800 solar panels on the roof.

BFFs. Life is always about making new friends, isn’t it?

If people are happy, the productivity is rising. In the Corporate Social Responsibility area, Moderna is a social employer, which enables its team to work in a healthy environment.

Thumbs up for the ping-pong masters! Great skills displayed by the members of the delegation in the recreation room

Kannegiesser: Power Trans System

The last segment of the visit was dedicated to a comprehensive presentation of new Kannegiesser technology, held by Mr. Jacky Zhao, Engineering Specialist at Herbert Kannegiesser Laundry Equipment Shanghai.

Mr. Jacky Zhao (Right), Engineering Specialist at Herbert Kannegiesser Laundry Equipment presented the latest Kannegiesser technology 

The presentation revolved around the PowerTrans system, who meets the most advanced washing requirements, by allowing more active wash time due to fast transfer and by having an unique drum design, thanks to the Active drop system.


Perfect light for the traditional group photo at the end of the company visit with the textile service group
NL Cultural Program 
After 3 days of intense learning and lots of travelling, there was time to relax. After a joint dinner the Chinese delegation and CINET staff were invited to walk through the beautifull rose-garden of Castle Ophemert to an open place where a border collie was herding the sheep. After some explanation on how the herding works and how to communicate with the dog, it was up to the very enthousiastic herders-to-be and show there capacities. The guide was quite positively surprised!
CLA – CINET Cooperation
This evening was also party night, starting with a speech of Mr Pan Wei, CLA, addressing the cooperation between CLA and CINET and expressing his appreciation by offering a model of Chinese most beautiful and famous women General of China, to CINET’s President Mr Peter Wennekes.
The room was filled with music and dancing of all delegate members.
A gift of appreciation from Mr Pan Wei, CLA to Mr Peter Wennekes, CINET
Time for dancing!!
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