LIVE BLOG: Excellence requires (best) practice and a continuous learning process. Another day full of insightful experiences for the Chinese delegation.

Mr. Peter Wennekes (President/CEO of CINET) and Mr. Pan Wei (The China Laundry Association Executive Chairman and Secretary General) opened the Thursday morning session at CINET headquarters with the conclusions of the previous days and introduction of the following activities to both Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services groups.

Mr. Pan Wei (in the center, China Laundry Association Executive Chairman and Secretary General), during Thursday’s opening session

CERCLEAN® approach impresses Chinese visitors

The group of Industrial Textile Services stays in Ophemert and is being reunited with Dr. Ir. Gooijer for “LTA – Long Term Agreements”.

Structural energy savings, how to accomplish and monitor by Dr. Ir. Henk Gooijer

Mr. Frank Aarts took over for the part of Practical Assignments. The Chinese representatives were introduced to the CERCLEAN® Quality and Management System during the week and various, succesive presentations and demonstrations provided a good understanding of the need for quality and hygiene management. A good overview of a professional step by step approach for improvements in the performance of processing CERCLEAN® offers.

Teamwork to give substance to the Practical Assignment

The morning program was finalized by Ms. Arianne van Middendorp and Mr. Jacco van Riessen from WSP Laundry Innovators. They gave an introduction on ICT in Professional Textile Care, market trends & challenges, types of software to be implemented and come to a final summary; managing and improving laundry leads to lower production costs and faster turn around times: an effective and efficient laundry.


In the meanwhile The Retail Textile Cleaning (TC) group was on its way to attend the company visits. The first destination on Thursday: Vendrig, a highly industrialized dry cleaning company.

VENDRIG. How to do an amazing work with the workwear

Vendrig was established in 1960 by offering a dry cleaning service for dusters & wipers.

Few words about Vendrig’s six decades years of history so far, by Rudolph Vendrig, Owner & CEO

The company is specialized in work wear with a completely automated process, advanced track & trace features and a new type of garments that fit into the concept of the circular economy.

The Chinese delegates were really impressed about the automation of processes in the facility

Vendrig was the first company in the world to do a K4 washing with a machine having 100 kg of garments.

Rudolph Vendrig, answering the questions from the Chinese guests

Throughout the last year, many laundries were acquired and meanwhile the laundry operates on a 1.200 m2 facility.

An impressive repair unit

An advanced company like Vendrig operates according to the highest standards, a CERTEX® certification system is in place (accredited version of CERCLEAN at the highest level).

LIPS+ Gemert. Maximum care in the elderly care.

Another extraordinary plant LIPS+, this one is focused on processing only personal laundry from private customers. The host was Mr. Arno Senders, Plant Manager.
Mr. Arno Senders – Plant Manager at LIPS+ Gemert
The customers are mostly elderly people, but the company is also exploring ways to convince regular customers to outsource their laundry, as well
Mr. Arno Senders, Plant Manager LIPS+ Gemert, explaining to the Chinese delegation the RFID techological adantages of RFID
Synergy Health (now LIPS+) won The Global Best Practives Award for Innovation at GBPAP16
This LIPS+ Gemert laundry was the first worldwide to implement a 100% RFID solution for personal garments, together with Datamark and WSP.
A state of the art facility

The company displays a strong committment to best practices, being awarded with the Innovation trophy at GBPAP16 in Frankfurt.

The place with the best view over the plant is also the best for photos


Stomerij Wasserij Eindhoven. Organization and standardization at its best.

The last stop on Thursday’s circuit was in Eindhoven, the biggest city of the Noord Brabant province. Stomerij Wasserij Eindhoven is a modern laundry and dry cleaning business that has a perfectly organized CPU (central processing unit).

State of the art technology and efficient logistics

With 30 regular employees, Stomerij Wasserij Eindhoven offers a high quality service both for B2B and B2C markets.

The company is also partner in a bigger cooperative called “” which offers a nationwide dry cleaning service with 1750 pickup points throughout the country.

Odor is a very important part of a (successful) cleaning process

With 50 years of experience and a 100% Higlo (alternative, biodegradable solvent) operation, the company is one of the leading market players focused on modern textile care. Stomerij Wasserij Eindhoven is also in possession of the CERCLEAN® certificate.

VEIT. Easy-to-use finishing technology

In the same facility, a practical presentation of the finishing machines was delivered by Mr. Johannes Thiel (Sales Manager & Key Accounts at VEIT Germany). The German supplier has already a successful tradition of three generations, being present in more than 100 countries all over the world. The model VEIT 8346 was the subject of many questions from the Chinese visitors, thanks to its easy-to-use features and applicability.

Photo: Mr. Johannes Thiel (Sales Manager & Key Accounts at VEIT Germany), presenting the features of the VEIT 8346 form finisher.

In the last segment of the visit, Mr. Wim Meijer, CERCLEAN® Trainer and Auditor, conducted a practical assignment test in the Certification MasterClass project

Mr. Wim Meijer, CERCLEAN® Trainer and Auditor, answering to the questions of the participants in the program
Of course, a group photo followed at the end of the tour.
Group photo of the Chinese TC group in front of Stomerij Wasserij Eindhoven

But the Thursday agenda wasn’t over. An outstanding session focused on Management Principles in Professional Textile Cleaning was delivered by Mr. Floris van Eckert (Co-Owner at Wasconnect), Mr. Geert Böttger (Consultant) and Mr. Peter Wennekes (President & CEO of CINET).

Mr. Floris van Eekert


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